"Although not dedicating all of my time in this business, I make 10-15k per month in part time."

- Manish Kr. Gupta


"I started it part time, along with my direct selling job in FMCG, I tried and thought it can not work for me. Then I contacted Mr. Parmveer and discussed, following his guidance is making Rs 10k per month as an extra income. Now I'm thinking of quitting my job and starting it full time. I've recovered all my investment in 4 months."

- Shiv Shankar Mahto

Private Labeled Website Reseller Program

(100% Privacy Assured)

Growing market, thriving industry
The great news is; there are more than 4 million small and medium size business in India that are looking for cost-effective ways to promote themselves and get the competitive edge they need. You will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of this upsurge in demand for professional marketing, internet, designing services.
The Demand for websites & internet marketing is rapidly expanding. Market is HUGE!
Join the digital revolution and take your place in India's emerging knowledge economy.

"Start your own Web Design Business @

What a Great Idea ! - If you can Sell, you can be Successful.
Start your own web design services, under your own brand name without monthly overheads, hassle of employing people & technical knowledge. All conceptual ideas, web designing, technical development are handled in-house at QUIBUS HQ.
This can be a wonderful, immediate profit making business opportunity where you focus on the bottom-line of your business i.e. sales and our technical expertise supports you without coming into picture.
You will become the go-to person in your city, selling web-design and internet marketing solutions to SME business & Quibus Team will provide all the solutions.
Yes it's TRUE, If you join QUIBUS, you don't need any technical knowledge to run a web-design company. Start Today !

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  • Gold Partners in 4 States
  • Web Franchisee in more than 30 cities
  • Average income of individuals INR 18,000/month
  • More than 24 lacs earned by Quibus Associates.

Why should You join?

  • The market for websites and internet marketing is booming.
  • Quibus develops all the technology for you so you can focus on sales.
  • Set up your own business & goodwill.
  • Win-Win business environment.

Does it sound good?

  • No huge investments
  • No Setup Charges
  • No technical skills needed
  • No monthly over-heads
  • No infrastructure required
  • Profit making from very first day.