Allergist from McAllen, Texas, prioritized the advice of online Wedding Experts over those of her Event Manager Relatives

Dr Debra Sopp is an Allergist from McAllen, Texas, who prides herself on  the fact that unlike most other allergists, the first thing that she does is to tell the patients the cause of the allergy that they suffer with.

Dr Debra Sopp claims on her blog that the people belonging to the warrior tribes of the past, be it from the America, India or Japan, are 230% more likely to suffer with common allergies than the men and women belonging to the non-warrior tribes.

Dr Debra Sopp claims that the latex allergies are the most common among the Jewish people, no matter which part of the world they live in. But that has not been enough for Debra to refrain from marrying her high school sweetheart, who has 100% Jewish blood in him. Although they both knew each other for over 2 decades and they both have several wedding experts at home, they preferred to take their wedding advice online.

Dr Debra Sopp writes on her blog that studying Geobiology as a hobby couldn’t help her practice much. She believes that there aren’t many good books on the subject of Geobiology. She claims that they have been teaching the same old school Geobiology as they would about 2 decades ago which is a real pity as the field of Geobiology has come too far in the past 2 decades. She is glad about the field of Geobiology coming so far though.

Dr Debra Sopp claims that the onion is a very underrated remedy available at home to prevent the growth of different sorts of allergies. She claims that those who regularly eat onions are 80-85% less likely to get different sorts of allergies, especially the common ones.

Top Dentist from Tarrytown has been using Wigs for the past 24 years now

Dr Daymond Cole is a Dentist from Tarrytown, New York, who claims that those who tame hamsters are very prone to suffering with tooth decay. He adds that it is a pity that the dental unions don’t seem to be much concerned about it as they ought to be.

Dr Daymond Cole also claims that the people with sharper teeth are also more likely to suffer with dental issues, mainly the bad breath. He adds that he himself has very sharp teeth and he faces the same issue of bad breath and he is looking for a foolproof side-effect free way to eradicate this issue, not only for himself, but for everyone that has the same issue.

Dr Daymond Cole claims to have done an extensive research on the dental health of the men and women belonging to different nations of the world and he has come to the conclusion that the North Korean adults in general have the worst dental health, but the dentists, the government, and other authorities of North Korea don’t seem much concerned about it.

Dr Daymond Cole is 56 now and he lost more than half of his hair when he was 32. He has been using a wig ever since to hide his bald head, but he was never as happy with the quality of the wigs that he uses until he started using the wigs from He is extremely happy with the level of comfort that the wigs from provide and how real they look.

Dr Daymond Cole claims to have seen Roger Taylor and John Taylor of the infamous English Band – Duran Duran in the March of year 2008. He says that they both suffer with a unique dental disease, which is never heard of or seen before. He says that the dentists don’t even have a name for it.

Urologist from New Delhi who believes that 123movies should feature a comedian drinking cow urine

Dr Praveen Singhal is a Urologist from New Delhi, India, who claims that eating buffalo meat is like hammering your urinary tract with the heaviest hammer that both your hands together can hold. She claims that as much as 40% of her patients regularly eat buffalo meat, although it is very hard to find buffalo meat eaters in India. She claims that 99.9% of the times, a buffalo meat eater in India happens to be a Muslim and Muslims are in minority in India.

Dr Praveen Singhal believes that diabetes is not responsible for most of the kidney diseases but it is rather the opposite. She claims that just because the patient caught some kidney diseases, he/she tends to catch diabetes easily.

Dr Praveen Singhal claims to know several Ayurvedic practitioners who recommend drinking cow urine to take care of your kidneys, urinary tract, prostate, in other words, to take care of all of the Urinary system. Dr Praveen Singhal replies to them personally and writes on her blog that drinking cow urine is not just ineffective to cure or treat any of these organs, but it is rather harmful and sometimes extremely dangerous. She further adds that a comic character drinking cow urine in a watchseries seems to be a great idea to make a comedy movie more funny.

Dr Praveen Singhal claims that mild urethritis can be cured by eating a lot of Goji berries regularly alone. She claims to have cured several of her patients like that and only after concluding the results, she made the post with such huge confidence.

Popular Toy Store Owner from Cimahi believes that Online Business is the Future

Miriam Hassan owns a very popular toy store in one of the most prominent neighborhoods of Cimahi, Indonesia. What is even more popular than Miriam’s toy store is her ‘personal blog’ where she posts many interesting posts every week, most of which are toys related.

Miriam once wrote on her blog that bashful kids are bigger toy freaks compared to their bold counterparts and the case is the same for all her 3 kids, each of whom is bashful like Calvin Coolidge in his childhood.

Miriam claims on her blog that her toy store only aims to keep toys that make the eyes of the kids flicker and those of their parents as well as soon as they enter the store.

Miriam recently started a small bobblehead figure manufacturing unit as well. The first figures to have been manufactured there were those of Plato and Aristotle, which is quite unusual. Or perhaps, never before did a bobblehead or even toy manufacturing unit created their first toys as those of someone like Plato or Aristotle. But Miriam being a hardcore philosophy enthusiast, took this bold and rare step.

Miriam claims on her blog that she has never seen a son or a daughter of a Psychiatrist or Psychologist buy a Sigmund Freud bobblehead, no matter how much the parents try to convince the kid.

Miriam feels that online business is the future and that’s why she keeps on looking for Online Peluang Usaha (Online Business Opportunities) for each of her kids. She doesn’t think that a brick-and-mortar store or any other thing can make her kids billionaires like she wants to see them.

Miriam recently made a statement on her blog that ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Africa’ toys aren’t as common as they were in the early 2010s, rather ‘Made in Europe’ and ‘Made in USA’ are the sensation right now.

Miriam feels that online business is the future and that’s why she keeps on looking for Online Peluang Usaha (Online Business Opportunities) for each of her kids. She doesn’t think that an array of brick-and-mortar stores can do for her kids what an online business could.

The only Toy Stores that have some future are the ones that have their listings added on Business Directories, claims a Granada Toy Store owner

Nothing is more saddening to see than child being denied a toy because the parents cannot afford it. Luis Diaz, a toy store owner from Granada, Spain, also agrees with us and that’s the reason why he has made so many inverciones (investments) in charitable organizations that work for the welfare of kids.

Luis Diaz claims to have never kept China-made toys at his store and he is overly proud of it.

Luis used to have the Jesus and Apostle toys (Both Articulated figures and soft toys) at his store for the kids belonging to the religious families, only to find out later that the customers belonging to the religious families were mostly being offended by the same and it were the atheists that were buying it with both hands.

Luis regularly campaigns online for the kids to stay away from the carbonated drinks and caffeine, and he really spends a great deal of money doing the same. But the publicity his negocios (business) receives due to the same fetches thrice the money to him in the form of profits that he spends.

Luis writes on his blog that it is quite saddening for him to see the miniature toy companies getting bankrupt one after another. He further claims that the ones that have been able to survive are the ones that regularly add their business listing to the business directories (directorios de empresas) and are mostly dependent upon the exports to the countries where the people aren’t so well-off.

Luis has mentioned more than once on his blog about the misconception that many people have and that is that the kids who have pets at home don’t buy much toys, which Luis claims has nothing to do with the reality.

Sejong city’s controversial Physician advises the patients with nervous disorders to participate in an online gaming community to better their situation

Dr Man-sik Sakong is a General Practitioner from Sejong City, South Korea, who claims on his blog that aspartame drinkers are less likely to get chronic depression. He got called names and also an agent of the soft drinks and energy drinks manufacturer on his blog’s comments section and on other places for mentioning the same, but he couldn’t care less.

Dr Man-sik Sakong received a great deal of negative popularity again when he claimed on his blog that the people prone to mood disorders should try living in colder regions as much as possible as living in colder regions tends to have a positive effect on the people with a mood disorder. He also mentioned that people who are more likely to suffer with the mania than depression must try living in the hotter regions instead. Dr Man-sik was called pseudo-psychologist, bro-scientist and what not for it, to each of the comments he replied that they must try it first and then make such comments.

Dr Man-sik Sakong claims that inhibition targeted drugs of all sorts are examined so much but they are still under-examined and they shouldn’t be replaced altogether with the newer ones as quickly as they usually are.

Dr Man-sik Sakong claims that the Japanese people are least likely to get nervous disorders and even when they do, it is not as serious. He believes that it is because the Japanese people spend more time playing video games than they do watching television. Dr Man-sik says that because of this reason, he advises all his patients with nervous disorders to play video games in the spare time and also participate in online gaming communities like 우아미넷 , in order to know about the latest and better video games and to socialize at the same time as well.

Kids’ clothing manufacturer from LA replaced alcoholism with Grand Isle fishing

Ignacio is a 32 year old man living in the beautiful Brazilian city of Campinas. Ignacio’s life has been full of ups and downs yet. Ignacio when still in college, started investing in stocks. He used to work part-time at a boutique hotel after the college and with the money he earned working at the hotel, he would buy stocks. Initially, it was always a win-win game for Ignacio. The prices of the stocks that Ignacio bought would always go up. This led Ignacio to spend more time thinking about buying and selling stocks and spending less time into his studies.

Even after being an intelligent student, Ignacio’s grades weren’t good enough in the final college examinations. He decided to get into full-time stock holding. In the first year, Ignacio tripled his money, but in the next 5 years, Ignacio was only losing money. This made Ignacio a depressed alcoholic.

Ignacio started staying idle. He didn’t do anything but bought lottery tickets and tele sena draw numbers now. Ignacio had already taken loan and he was planning to run away if he isn’t able to pay out the loans he had taken. But as they, God is patient, finally Ignacio won 6 million Brazilian Reals in the tele sena draw.

Ignacio’s depression and his alcohol addiction all disappeared overnight and he payed out all his loans. One of Ignacio’s school friends has been running a kids’ clothing factory for over a decade now. Ignacio asked him all about the business and his friend told him everything that he knew honestly.

Ignacio has shifted to the Los Angeles from Olinda where he enjoys Grand Isle fishing during spare time. His friend’s factory is located in City of Industry, CA and he has also been running his factory successfully. Ignacio’s company recently got orders from one of the major American clothing brands. If Ignacio keeps away from the alcohol and other bad habits, he will one day be a multi-millionaire.

Smart herbal life sellers are making a bank using Facebook live for their products’ promotion

I have read almost all of Indian mythology and the Hindu rishis and sadhus have fantasized and imagined about almost everything including the Pushpak Viman “Aeroplane“, telepathy “mobile phones”, and lots of other stuff that was only discovered in this century and age. They couldn’t imagine or predict about modern cars or motorcycles but they have mentioned almost in every granth miraculous chariots and horses that can take you anywhere at a speeds exceeding thousands of miles per hour. One thing that none of the mythologies, no matter which, including Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Ancient Greek Mythology could fantasize about is the modern 21st century credit card or any sort of credit or debit card. Perhaps no homo sapien sapien other than Edward Bellamy ever thought of such a wonderful thing as a credit card until his very popular novel Looking Backward came out. Although his imaginary credit card was more like a debit card, it very much defined almost all the features of a 1940s credit card.

I am now reminded of my neighbor Reham’s story. After listening to a popular motivational speaker, Reham thought going to the college is a waste of time. She decided to never go to one. She started selling herbal life products with her aunt whom she considered her mentor.  They did buy Facebook live viewers and used Facebook as their only medium to advertise. They both made good amount of money for a while and then things started to change.

Reham was about to get married and she was jobless. Reham’s husband also didn’t go to a college and he was in the business of selling and purchasing used cars. After the growing popularity of the internet, Reham’s husband too became jobless. They didn’t have any money, they didn’t have any future.

They now had a baby of 4 months as well. They didn’t know how to survive. The remaining story is so painful that I decide to end it here only.

You will hear several motivational speakers on the internet and elsewhere telling you to quit your college and there is no benefit of going to a college and things like that. DON’T listen to these people. Just don’t do it! This advice can ruin your life and that of your near and dear ones as well.

When you work hard on a job that has no future, you are ruining your life. Most of the jobs that you get into without doing your graduation have no future and in today’s time when there are robots being built to do almost every laboring job, there doesn’t seem to be a bright future of the people working at the odd-jobs.

British self-made millionaire prefers top Schwinn IC2 over any other exercise bike

Peter Anderson is an English gentleman who has a habit of saying “Fix it and call me when you are done”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say the same to Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when he was doing a FUT hair transplant on Mr Peter Anderson. The hair transplant went more successful than Peter expected. “It is nothing less than a miracle. Thank you Dr Norman Orentriech, Thank you Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu”, said Peter Anderson after having a look of himself in the mirror.

Peter Anderson was born, raised up and still lives in London, England. He wanted to get a hair transplant done in the city of London itself before getting to know the average cost of hair transplant UK. Peter is a millionaire and the cost didn’t bother him much, but mind you, Peter is a self-made millionaire and these guys want the value of each of their penny. Peter researched the best place to get a hair transplant by the best possible doctors at the most reasonable cost possible and it turned out that Turkey is unparalleled in the hair transplant business. Thousands of people travel each year to Istanbul, Turkey for a hair transplant. Peter could enjoy a vacation along with a hair transplant in the same amount of money so why bother about getting a hair transplant done in England anymore? Peter traveled to Turkey and fell in love with the country.

When Peter is not working, he is looking for the ways to improve himself. Peter is continuously developing his businesses and he is continuously developing himself as well. He uses nothing but top Schwinn IC2 for his daily exercise. Peter hates communism and he is a hardcore atheist. He also believes that most religious clergies are corrupt and he is creating a blog completely dedicated to exposing the religious clergies of all religions. I am curiously waiting for his blog to be published soon.

Pet supply store owner’s brother-in-law who also happens to be her chief supplier taught her how does a smokeless barbecue works

Lisa Candreva owns a very popular pet supply store in Messina, Italy. Surprisingly enough, Lisa has no pets at home but she claims to love pets more than the most and she says that her owning and managing the pet store is proof enough when she has better opportunities to make money, she spends all her day managing this pet store of hers.

Lisa recently made a post on her blog mentioning that last year she thought of starting one of a kind exclusive pet store in Cambodia, which would have been better in every aspect that her pet store in Messina, but she changed her mind afterwards. Lisa came to a conclusion soon that nobody would be interested in buying that expensive stuff for their pets in Cambodia, they even don’t have many pets in Cambodia and they don’t spend much on themselves, what is going to make them spend enough on their pets.

Lisa claims that lithium ion causes more diseases among the pets than we will ever know. Lisa says that she is not a medical professional but she has been working hard enough to know most of those and her gut feeling says that she is going to achieve success in this.

One of Lisa’s brother-in-laws owns a company that manufactures harnesses, leads and collars. He gives great discount to her for buying his merchandise. The discount is so great that it has made Lisa’s husband suspect the relationship of Lisa with his brother, but each time it has come out to be a pure and pious relationship that is merely business.

Lisa’s brother-in-law is also the one who taught her how smokeless barbecue works (Barbecue senza fumo come funziona). Lisa has been using nothing but smokeless barbecue ever since and she loves cooking on it.

Antwerp Ophthalmologist got the idea to start accepting cryptocurrency while traveling in an Airport taxi

Dr Patricia Jackson is an Ophthalmologist from Antwerp, Belgium, who claims on her blog that attaining specialty in Neuro-Ophthalmology is the simplest thing to attain once you get the hold of it. She likes to give the example of herself to prove her claim.

Dr Patricia warns against the Opthalmologists that spend a whole lot of their time in getting websites created and optimized for themselves, especially the ones who claim to be specialist for one thing on one website and for another thing on another website. She gives example of this Opthalmologist from Florida, USA, who claims to be the finest squint-eye specialist in Florida on one website, finest Neuro-Opthalmologist on another, finest LASIK surgeon on his third website and finest cataract surgery specialist on his fourth website.

Dr Patricia Jackson believes that diabetes is a lot more than just diabetes. She claims to have been working on finding the cure for the same.

Dr Patricia is one of the very few Opthalmologists around the world that accepts cryptocurrency. She says that she got the idea while once she was traveling through taxi antwerpen and thought to herself about how far the modern taxis have come and she should also do something to advance her practice as well.

Dr Patricia offers a refund without any questions asked if you aren’t happy with the LASIK treatment conducted by herself.

Dr Patricia recently made a post on her blog claiming that the ancient Babylonians and Persians had some ophthalmology related cures that modern western medical science doesn’t have.

Dr Patricia writes on her blog that she has always believed that the right diagnosis is the most crucial thing in any medical field, especially opthalmology.

There were ant-sized MRI machines in the Antediluvian period, claims a Romanian author

Janine Catana is a Romanian author who has always been obsessed with the biblical patriarchs, Kabbalah, Abrahamic religions and many similar things. Janine’s latest book was titled “Biblical Patriarchs – Lived in the Past, will come back in the future”.

In her book, Janine claims that the Antediluvian period is the same as Satyuga in Hinduism and has provided several proofs to back it up. Janine has added that there used to be technology at least 100 times as advanced compared to the modern day back in the Antediluvian era and believes that the idea of MRI Machine also came to the mind of the inventor looking back at the Antediluvian period. Janine adds that there used to be ant-sized MRI machines back in the Antediluvian period and she is not at all amazed at the news of the World’s Smallest MRI Machine that can conduct studies on atoms. Janine claims that these sort of inventions were considered very minor back in the Antediluvian period and she says that she cannot wait for the Antediluvian period to come back. She writes in her book that she prays to the Yahweh all the time to give her dreams giving glimpses and sights of the Antediluvian period which Yahweh does almost every night. Janine writes that she doesn’t agree with the scientists and doctors on as much as 95% of the things and she believes that the old testament and Kabbalah are the real deal if you want to live a conflict-free, blissful and happy life. Janine believes that the Yahweh sends all these misguiding souls of the doctors and scientists that talk in conflict with the scriptures to the hell and although one of Janine’s daughters is interested in becoming a doctor, there is no way that Janine is going to let her become one, Janine has been trying to convince her to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

This Troy, MI Ice Cream Shop has Framed Sports Memorabilia pasted all over its black walls

David Mason owns a popular ice cream parlour in Troy, Michigan, who claims to have some of the best ice creams for the diabetics at his shop.

David Mason recently made a post on his blog claiming that his shop is about to launch car designed ice creams for the car lovers. David says that they will start with all the Infiniti cars ever built because Infiniti is David’s most favorite car maker and both the cars that he own presently are also Infinitis.

David’s ice cream shop also has some video game characters based ice creams for the gamers that visit his shop.  But what attracts the visitors most to his shop is the framed sports memorabilia art and pictures. David claims to have been told this by several of his regular customers and some new ones as well.

David’s shop also serves special ice creams with graduation hats on those for the people who recently graduated. David claims on his blog that it is mostly eaten and loved by those who like to remind themselves of their graduation day’s memories including David himself.

David writes on his blog that is both a good and bad thing simultaneously that most new ice cream parlours are focusing on branding themselves more than anything else. David says that it is good because they are spending a lot of time in creating a brand which involves improving their product and service and on the other hand, they are trying too hard on it that they forget the main aim of their business.

David writes that you will seldom find an ice cream parlour that is run by 2 or 3 partners. David claims that most of the successful ice cream parlours are sole proprietorships including his own. David claims that 3 good friends of his that studied with him in the college, created an ice cream business together and only a month later, they started fighting over it, became envious of each other and many other negative things happened among them which ultimately destroyed their business.

Rorik of Dorestad’s greatest Floridian fan claims that they have been hiding the cure for diabetic neuropathy from the common public

Eriko Gonzalez is an author from Miami, Florida, who recently completed writing a book on one of her greatest historical heroes – Rorik of Dorestad. Eriko was generous enough to send me a free copy of her book and it was really a breeze to read the same.

In her book, Eriko writes that Harold Klak was without a doubt the brother-in-law of Rorik of Dorestad and all the claims attributing some other relationship to Harold Klak with Rorik of Dorestad is nothing but a false notion.

Eriko claims that at the age of 50 or so, Rorik started showing symptoms of diabetes. Eriko writes that after hitting the age of 50, Rorik would go to the washroom a lot, felt thirsty and hungry all the time and had blurred vision as well. Eriko adds that she is not sure whether Rorik even suffered with a diabetic neuropathy as well. Eriko has mentioned in her book that carderine is a perfect cure for diabetic neuropathy and if you have this condition, you may just want to check where to buy cardarine for a better health, muscles and a calm and more focused brain and mind along with curing your diabetic neuropathy.

Eriko writes in her book that she cannot comprehend why they call Louis the Pious as such when he clearly had two illegitimate children.

Eriko claims in her book that Lothair I always envied Rorik on all grounds, be it the way that Rorik looked, his vigor, his extraordinary energy, his deep voice, you name it.

Eriko ends her book by mentioning that Rorik was definitely the most powerful and magnificent Danes of the 9th century but he never got the respect that he deserved.

This Angeles city’s author keeps on watching the same Sergei Bodrov Junior’s movies on her Windows 10 over and over

Bianca Quin is an author from Angeles city, Philippines, who is obsessed with the Russian cinema to an extent that she recently released 12th book on the life of a Russian actor – Sergei Bodrov Junior.

In her book, Bianca claims that Sergei wasn’t interested in women at all after he got married and that’s the foremost reason why his marriage turned out to be one of the most successful ones in the Russian cinema’s history.

Bianca writes that Sergei both loved and hated acting in movies that included violence and that includes some of his most popular movies.

Bianca claims to have watched some of Sergei’s movies at least 20 times each since she downloaded windows 10 pro product key.

Bianca completely disagrees with those who claim that Sergei would have been nothing if it weren’t for his father. Bianca has always believed that Sergei was more talented than most of the so-called self-made actors and she says that most of those self-made actors that she is talking about also agree with the same.

Bianca has mentioned in her book that Sergei used to have a fear of ghosts and he wouldn’t be able to sleep at nights due to the same.

Bianca has written that although an atheist, Sergei used to respect the celibate priests and pastors a lot.

Bianca has also mentioned that Sergei’s father, who is a very popular director in the Russian cinema, is glad that Sergei Bodrov Jr has left some offsprings to survive him after his death.

Bianca claims to have interviewed Sergei’s father personally who told her that Sergei was writing a script on a fictional movie based on Colonel Gaddafi and Idi Amin, where they both would have been shown as the best friends since childhood and both had a habit of creating a menace all the time.

Neurologist from Bandung claims that the latest innovations in technology has made things much easier for him

Dr Richard Barone is a neurologist from the city of Bandung in Indonesia who claims to have been experimenting with combining different medicines and other chemicals to find the cure for different conditions using the latest technology (Teknologi) available.

Dr Richard Barone claims that driving a motorcycle or a car is a great exercise for the entire body’s coordination.

Dr Richard Barone claims that Kim Jong-Un has ordered his most favorite and hand-picked doctors belonging to different medical fields to secretly experiment on the bodies of different alive human beings. Dr Richard Barone claims that most of these doctors belong to the field of neurology as Kim Jong-Un’s main field of interest is to find out how the human brain works and what are the different ways to hack the same.

Dr Richard Barone claims that they are overemphasizing the psychological issues that the veterans face but under-emphasizing on the neurological ones that they face due to various factors including dangerous chemical use, brain injuries and others.

Dr Richard Barone recently posted on his blog that already there is a great notion in the United States of America that most Indians are doctors, but since Tom Bilyeu’s wonderful interview with the neurologist Rahul, the notion has become stronger to an extent that whenever the North Americans imagine or fantasize about a doctor, they see an Indian face.

Dr Richard Barone says that it is a pity that most of the adult patients already know about the grey matter inside the brain but not everyone knows about the grey matter in the spinal cord.

Psychiatrist from Hamburg, Germany is extremely popular on the Youtube and I think I have discovered the secret “Why”

Anse Vogt is a psychiatrist from the city of Hamburg in Germany who has been working on finding new ways to cure psychological diseases without the use of any medications. Anse writes on his blog that it is mainly targeted on the people from third-world countries.

Anse Vogt writes on his blog that pornography – both softcore and hardcore, has a stronger effect on the psychology of the young minds than the physicians will ever tell you. Anse claims that most of his patients are addicted to the same.

Anse writes that they need to spread the knowledge to the people that most psychology medications come with only short-term side effects and not long-term effects as the widespread notion is. Anse writes that it is a shame to see that so many psychological patients even after knowing that they have a issue, never see a psychologist only to become a serial killer or commit suicide later on.

Anse claims that both men and women that don’t like their personal names have 2% more chances of suffering with different psychological disorders than those who do like their names a lot.

Anse writes that those who had abusive parents or upbringing or feared their surroundings/parents/elders/teachers a lot, are very likely to suffer with OCD once they grow up.

Anse claims on his blog that the depressed people die before their time and physiologists don’t yet even have an answer why. Anse believes that your will to live longer plays a huge role in how long you live.

Anse is extremely popular on the Youtube and I highly doubt that he buys Youtube Subscribers (Youtube Abonnenten Kaufen) from somewhere.

Retired ballerinas told Francesco Costanzo that Erik Bruhn was the best partner they ever had

Do you know? The English vocalist, songwriter and guitarist – Linda Lewis wanted to learn the ballet from Erik Bruhn so badly but to her bad luck, he was dead already by the time she was going to pursue to him to teach her the same. Linda Lewis decided that she will not learn it after she heard the news of Erik Bruhn’s death because she had already pictured him as her ballet guru in her mind and nobody else could take his place after that, she is so stubborn. She didn’t decide to learn it on her own either, although she is a self-taught guitarist and keyboard player.

I didn’t know about the above mentioned story either until I read one article posted by this great fan of Erik Bruhn from Malaysia who recently started his own ballet dancing school in the George Town, Malaysia that he named after Erik Bruhn.

Well, Francesco Costanzo is a great fan of Erik Bruhn too. He is the one who told me that the ballerinas that partnered with Erik Bruhn and are still alive today consider their chemistry with Erik Bruhn to be the best they ever had. All those ballerinas says that they are yet to see someone as friendly and compatible yet talented as the legend named Erik Bruhn.

All those ballerinas also told Francesco Costanzo that one of the reasons why Erik Bruhn became such a great hit at such an early age is the fact that both his parents were very supportive of him since they day one when he said to them that he liked to dance, including his father who owned a hairdressing salon and had nothing to do with ballet or dance.

Obstetrician from Scotland is sad about the modern lifestyle but is happy to learn that CRISPR cures HIV in mice

Dr Courtney Gordon is an Obstetrician from Scotland, who is very active on her official website’s blog. Dr Courtney writes that female obstetricians respect the husbands that keep taking advice from the obstetrician while their spouse is pregnant through Whatsapp, email or SMS.

Dr Courtney Gordon doubts that the mothers who have a history of of PCOD/PCOS are more likely to give birth to a female child that will very likely suffer with the same as well in the adulthood and they are very likely to give birth to a male child with hypogonadism.

Dr Courtney Gordon claims that apathy is far more common among the children with mothers that took birth control pills for way too long.

Dr Courtney Gordon also claims that eating popcorn with tomato soup is fatal for women with a history of uterine fibroids and although it is not a mainstream knowledge, Dr Courtney claims that she has been doing her utmost to make it one.

Dr Courtney claims that many of her patients tried yoga posers to cure their uterine fibroids, as per the claim of the yoga practitioners and teachers, but surprisingly, none of those that Dr Courtney met had it resolved.

Dr Courtney made a post on last Thursday that she is amazed to see that CRISPR cures HIV in mice.

Dr Courtney writes on her blog that never before the ratio of infertile men was higher than the infertile women and this means nothing but the fact that the modern lifestyle is extremely unhealthy for the men. Dr Courtney adds that surprisingly enough, they give birth to the healthiest babies in semi-remote areas of the first world nations where they don’t have much of the modern amenities and top notch doctors. She then again mentions that it only proves her claim of the modern lifestyle not being healthy.

Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo and the Legend Opera Director Giorgio Strehler share a lot in common

As a young Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo says that ballet is the most pleasurable experience to himself. Another legendary Opera Director – Giorgio Strehler used to say the same as well. Giorgio Strehler made tons of interesting comments about the Opera and Dance Industry throughout his life.

Giorgio Strehler always used to say that it is a pity that the parents love to send their kids to learn ballet dancing but feel shy to learn it themselves. He used to feel pity that married couples used to learn salsa and tango the most.

Giorgio also used to give advice to the learners to always choose a dance instructor or dance school with an impressive background over the one that is near to your residence or office.

One of the things that Giorgio used to feel good about was the fact that there have always been countless tap soloists in the western world and surprisingly enough, most of these are good teachers.

Giorgio also used to mention that the rudest dance instructor that he ever encountered had a BFA in dance.

Giorgio always used to say that people have a misconception  that dancers can only perform their best until the age of 35 and their performance, skills and talent start seeing downhill afterwards, which has been proven false time and again. He always used to give reference to the list of award winners as the proof, which consists of a large number of male and female dancers over the age of 35.

Giorgio also used to say that degree in arts definitely helps you become a better dance instructor but it is overrated nonetheless.

The legend of Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson act seems to stay till infinity


They say that the Martha Graham technique is going to stay in the dance world for long just as Martha Graham herself did. True or not! One thing is for certain that Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson act is going to stay for longer than the Martha Graham dance technique for sure.

One Japanese martial artist once told me that although the Japanese people have very flexible bodies, they still find it hard to master the ballet and that’s the supreme reason why you don’t hear many Japanese names in the world of Opera or Ballet dancing.

Anyways, so there is this choreographer named Daniel Bukowski whom I interviewed about a couple of days ago. He told me to not trust reviews that read like “Best Dance School Ever”, “Best Dance School in the Country” and “Best Dance School in the City”.

He also told me that a common person will tell you the importance of dancing while under the stress or in a state of anger but how very few people remember to walk the talk when it comes to such real life situations.

Daniel Bukowski wholeheartedly believes that Brazilian Butt Lift Workout is nothing but a gimmick.

Mr. Daniel Bukowski also told me that becoming a dance teacher is unique in a way that it requires you to be strict, fun, serious and energetic, all at the same time which makes it is one of the most interesting and fun yet complex job.

In the words of my most favorite young Italian choreographer – Francesco Costanzo, “Dance cannot be wholly defined in words, some like to call it an art, some science, some skill and some call it a combination of all three but in reality, there is nothing that can define it in the context of words.”

International ballet school owner and chief congratulated Francesco Costanzo for Floor Barre Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff

Young Italian choreographer, ballet dancer, opera director – Francesco Costanzo has a very good friend who owns a couple of ballet schools in Italy and is now about to start his very first ballet school branch outside Italy.

This friend of Francesco Costanzo has been spreading the message about Ballet in the countries where it is quite unknown, mainly this region includes Eurasian Steppe and Southeast Asia.

On the official blog of the ballet school’s website, he writes that no ballet school discriminates among the students on the basis of gender, race or language anymore and this is really something to be proud of.

He believes that classical ballet still entertains more than the modern ballet and that’s the reason why they focus equally at both in their schools.

He also claims that many adults want to join a ballet school but they don’t do it out of shame and his school has been doing their utmost to persuade these adults to join the ballet school.

He recently posted on his blog that some ballet schools, both new and old, like to brag about how many millions they get each year as donations, he warned against these schools as he believes that many times these numbers and some times even these schools are fake.

He claims that no other business demands the founder to be as passionate like the ballet school. He writes that no wonder why so many ballet schools each year founded by the business people get shut down so quickly. He writes that these business people spend an extravagant amount of money to establish these ballet schools which most of the professional ballet dancers having their own schools never can.

He first personally congratulated Francesco Costanzo on Floor Barre Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff and then also wrote about it on his blog as well.

Maternity retail chain owner couldn’t find a great book to read during pregnancy so she decided to write her own

Mindy Ingham is a maternity retail chain store owner who writes on her blog that parenting was never so difficult before and that’s one of the foremost reasons why a great percentage of both men and women in today’s time are declining to be parents because it is extreme hard work just thinking about it.

I have personally seen a lot of stuff that they sell at Mindy’s store and let me tell you that they have really marvelous designs for both the mother and the kids to wear.

 Mindy recently wrote on her blog that after being pregnant herself for the second time and having read the so-called Best Books To Read During Pregnancy, she has come to the conclusion that she is going to spend most of her 2020 writing a book targeted on the pregnant women herself and she really hopes that this book by her is going to break all the records.

Mindy writes that she has been addicted to watching the talking Bonobos – Kanzi and her half-sister Panbanisha on the Youtube all the time for a while and she is going to name her upcoming baby as Kanzi or Panbanisha depending on their gender. She writes that she really wishes if Panbanisha were alive today, she would have sent some free clothes from her stores to her.

Mindy claims that the parents who do stressful jobs, they really like to have more fun when it comes to spending time with their little ones and are always willing to spend the top dime to have the best possible time spent with their little ones.

Mindy also writes that some maternity brands forget to make trendy clothes in order to make them supreme comfortable for their customers, some do otherwise but Mindy believes in having the best of both worlds for the pregnant women and that’s the reason why she claims that her stores carry nothing but the most comfortable and most stylish clothes for pregnant women.

Retractable Gates by Toshi Automation are certainly one of the best in the world

Girdhar Gopal Jagdev Developers is a well-established real estate development company based in Uttarakhand, India. It was founded by three brothers – Girdhar Khanna, Gopal Khanna and Jagdev Khanna. They definitely have come a long way in the past 16 years since they found the company.

One of the best things about Girdhar Gopal Jagdev Developers is that they believe in creating nothing but unique designs in terms of development and they use nothing but the best retractable gates by reputed companies like Toshi Automation in each of their developments.

All three brothers of Girdhar Gopal Jagdev Developers believe that Uttarakhand is one of the most underrated scenic states in the world and it needs some great development in order to get the tourists that it deserves which the brothers have been working on for the past 16 years.

They also believe that dealing with a real estate developer needs to become easier and they claim to have made it easier not only for their customers but also they claim to have developed techniques that are benefiting the real estate developers around entire India.

The brothers believe in no-credit when it comes to paying their suppliers and they pay them all upfront which is something unforeseen in the Indian market.

The brothers also partake with the customers whenever there is some gathering or campaign going on against the fraudulent real estate developers anywhere in India, which has become a disaster in India.

The brothers also believe that having a stunning office is one of the ways you can ensure a customer that they are in great hands and a way to make them sure that their house or office that is under-development is also going to be something stunning.

This is how this controversial cosmetic surgeon from Chicago earned 6 digit Twitter followers

Dr Scott Goldsmith is a cosmetic surgeon from the city of Chicago. Dr Scott is one of a kind as he regularly gets interviewed on the radios and other places and there’s almost never been a program where he was featured and he didn’t make a controversial statement.

Once Dr Goldsmith said that it is a pity that women that do not have any sort of issues with their breasts are getting both their breasts removed out of the fear of getting breast cancer. He further added that the breast awareness campaigns sometimes do more harm than the good and this is just one example.

Once when asked to give some advice to the women, Dr Goldsmith said “Better apply expensive and reputed rejuvenation creams than going for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.”

Once while being interviewed at a Los Angeles radio station, Dr Goldsmith mentioned that swimsuits and beaches are mostly responsible for the arrays of patients lining up at the clinics of the cosmetic surgeons.

Dr Goldsmith has also been interviewed in the England for more than a couple of times. I heard a tape of him giving interview in of the London radio stations, he warned the potential cosmetic surgery patients in that interview, saying “Cosmetic surgery being one of the most lucrative practices in the medical field has been attracting more uncertified rookie practitioners than any other field for over 2 decades and the percentage of these rookie uncertified practitioners only seems to grow, especially since the dawn of the year 2013. Make sure to always check that your cosmetic surgeon is a certified one and if you don’t and something happens to you, realize how careless you have been and you might even end up doing yourself irreversible harm and damage, so much that it could even take your life.”

Dr Scott Goldsmith has hundreds of thousands of free twitter followers and he is quite a popular name all across the internet, especially social media.

Polish-American Blogger wrote 3000 words long article from scratch within one hour through his OnePlus 7

Daniel Pollock is an American Author and Blogger of Polish descent who is not a Catholic but obsessed with several Catholic figures including St Augustine of Hippo.

Yesterday only, Daniel wrote this 3000 words long post on his blog paying tribute to St Augustine of Hippo, it only took him one hour to do it and you would be surprised to know that he did it not with his regular computer but his OnePlus 7 instead.

Daniel claims that Possidius loved St Augustine so much that he would have fought an entire army all alone on one order of St Augustine. For Possidius, St Augustine was as precious as Jesus Christ.

Daniel writes that St Augustine attributed his magnificent voice and communication skills to the practice of chastity and although there is no written mention of the same, he told it to the near and dear ones several times orally using the same magnificent voice and communication skills.

Daniel tells us about the Augustinians in his blog post that consider the month with 31 days as their lucky one because Augustine was 31 when he converted to Christianity.

Daniel completely agrees with Augustine’s views on the combination of astrology and science.

Daniel is also against polytheistic worship and writes that the belief that the polytheistic worship is necessary to achieve worldly materials and pleasures is a failed one as the richest nations of today are the ones that believe in monotheistic religions. The greatest pagan religion of all times is Hinduism and when the Iranian polymath – Al-Biruni arrived in India, he observed that the wealthiest Upper-Class communities of India only believed in one god but those belonging to the Lower-Class believed in many gods.

Daniel ends his blog post by writing that the leaders of different religions must get together and become friends instead of continuing their stupid rivalry. Daniel believes that we are already overpopulated and the leaders of different religions encouraging their people to have more babies instead of controlling the population so that their religion can dominate the others is a stupid idea. Daniel believes that there is no solution but to either end the concept of religion or all religions must unite and become one.

At the age of 76, he took the Israeli Opera by the Storm, says Ballerina and Director Francesco Costanzo

It doesn’t happen everyday when someone gets an opportunity to interview their hero. It is once in a lifetime thing but it happens to Francesco Costanzo Maurice Béjart almost every other month when he gets to talk to one of his favorite heroes.

Just last month, Francesco had the opportunity of interviewing one of his favorite German Opera Directors – Friedrich Meyer-Oertel who told Francesco several interesting personal stuff about himself including that he proposed the stage designer Hanna Jordan twice backstage, the same lady with whom he is popular for working in hundreds of projects. She is a marvelous stage designer.

Friedrich told Francesco that Boris Gudonov that he directed at the age of 76 at the Israeli Opera, astonished him with the claps that it received. Friedrich was really hoping an award for it but didn’t get any. He says that knowing that he can work wonders in this old age is enough for himself. He told Francesco that it was stunning how the audience cried while watching the acting and passion of the actors at the Israeli Opera.

Growing up in Austria, Friedrich observed that the Austrian artists and Opera are very underrated and underestimated.

Although Friedrich himself directed the Othello twice, he still believes that it is the overrated and overplayed opera of all times and it was pretty annoying back when he was a middle-aged man.

The interview of young Italian Choreographer – Francesco Costanzo with the veteran Italian-American Choreographer – Francesca Zambello is a must read

Maurice Béjart Coreografo Francesco Costanzo had no idea that interviewing an Italian-American Opera Director can be so much fun and full of warmth until he interviewed Francesca Zambello.

Francesco Costanzo wrote in his blog that he used to believe that Francesca is Half-Italian until he personally met her. One of Francesco’s first questions to her was regarding her ethnicity only. She told Francesco that she is an Italian from both the paternal and maternal side.

When Francesco asked her the secret to her exceptionally high intelligence level, she replied that she attributes her high IQ level to learning multiple European languages in the childhood.

Francesca also told Francesco that because of being sort of a nerd, she used to get bullied at the Moscow University all the time.

She also told Francesco that she used to suffer with Insomnia due to hypertension during the direction of her first opera – Fidelio.

Francesca told Francesco that within only a period of 3 years, she had become so confident with Opera direction that she was as easy as on a vacation when she made her debut in Venice with the play ‘Beatrice di Tenda’.

Francesca considers her greatest achievement to be one of the very few European born Opera Directors to have over 10 operas in Japan.

Francesca also told Francesco that she has experimented a lot with men only to discover each time only to find it boring as hell and that her true sexual orientation is lesbian.

When Francesco asked Francesca if she ever received some hate due to her sexual orientation. She told him that she received some hate from a few students at the Yale University but she has become pretty much immune to it and now knows how to handle it very well.

Real Estate Agent from Edmonton claims that the only ones with the best digital marketing companies by their side are going to survive in the industry

Steven Brown is a Real Estate Agent and Blogger from the city of Edmonton, Ontario who claims that the Real Estate industry is in so much desperation that many Real Estate Agents have turned their business into Real Estate School because they weren’t even able to pay the rent for their offices with being agents. Steven adds that the Real Estate Agencies that have really survived are the ones with the best digital marketing company on their side.

Steven says that although the amount of business in the Real Estate industry nowadays completely depends upon how good your marketing is, maintaining great relationships with both buyers and sellers still cannot be overlooked, which unfortunately many Real Estate agents are doing.

Steven claims to know several coffee shop owners that sold their coffee shops and turned into Real Estate agents due to the extreme competition only to get back being Coffee Shop owners again and vice versa.

Steven says that the cottage industry has definitely gone extinct but cottage styled houses have been gaining popularity each day for the past few years.

After meeting several different Real Estate Agents from different cities from different states of Canada and the United States, Steven has come to the conclusion that there should be a separate license for the commercial and residential real estate. Steven says that those that look and seem experts at buying and selling residential properties mostly lack the skill of buying and selling commercial properties and vice versa.

Steven says that there is no denying that the real estate agents that were born and raised in the same cities that they operate in, are better at their business but then again, they are also great at taking you on a long ride as they are familiar with things that you are not.

Dr Linda Cavett from Gainesville could improve her interpersonal communication skills manifold with this one book

Dr Linda Cavett is a General Practitioner from the city of Gainesville, Florida who also happens to be a Professor of Family Medicine/General Practice at the UF College of Medicine in the same city.

Dr Linda loves being a doctor and as much as she loves and cares about her practice, she loves and cares almost the same degree about her teaching profession as well. Dr Linda spends a great deal of her precious time trying to improve her teaching skills and she claims that reading interpersonal Communication 3rd edition has helped her more than anything else when it comes to improving her communication skills while it comes to lecturing to a great number of students.

On her blog, Dr Linda Cavett says that it really becomes hard for a General Practitioner when the patients are not willing to visit the specialist in cases that are out of the hands of their typical General Practitioner and then give him/her a negative feedback for not being able to treat or cure their condition although the General Practitioner was quite clear that it was out of his/her hands.

Dr Linda claims that highly experienced General Practitioners are as good pediatrics as the specialist pediatrics themselves. Dr Linda further adds that if you have some issue with your regular pediatric like being unable to get an appointment or some such thing then find the highest experienced possible general practitioner nearby you and visit him/her.

Dr Linda gives advise to the young and not-so-experienced doctors on her blog that the elder patients really get soothed when you talk specially to their family members. She says that any doctor who can make up enough time to do that must do the same.

Straight man has some of the interesting ideas for the women to eliminate their expression lines

Billie Diaz is an author from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil aka heaven on earth. Billie recenly completed with writing his controversial book on the life and death of the English polyglot Bertrand Russell. Billie’s book is so full of controversial remarks about Bertrand Russell and his family that although a very few people read it, the number of the critics that this book are record-breaking.

In his book, Billie claims that the Biologist Douglas Spalding wasn’t only interested in Viscountess Amberley only but he had pedophilic urges from time to time and he would make Bertrand a target of his urges from time-to-time.

Billie claims that the reason why Bertrand Russell contemplated suicide all the time while an adolescent was due to the sexual abuse he received as a child and the masturbation addiction his teen years that killed his soul. Billie claims that he was introduced to the masturbation by Douglas Spalding only and instead of helping Bertrand Russell and kicking Douglas Spalding out of her home, her mother put a blind eye on what all was happening.

Billie says that it is well-known to everyone who knows something about Bertrand Russell that his maternal grandmother used to ridicule him all the time and he used to be scare of her which proves that her maternal grandmother was another degenerate in his maternal family as instead she should have rather ridiculed her daughter for hanging around and having sex all the time with pedophilic men. Billie further says that he cannot imagine how Bertrand’s father lived with Bertrand’s mother.

Billie recently wrote an article about how to eliminate expression lines (como eliminar linhas de expressão) which is quite unusual for a straight male but the article has been getting great response ever since it was published.

Biggest Jackie Mason fan from Medan supports the freethinkers and their causes

Bagus Fathurrahman is perhaps the greatest Indonesian Jackie Mason fan that I have ever met. Bagus is based out of the Medan city and along with being a comic fan, he is a freethinker Indonesia revolutionaries like Bayu Angora’s fan as well.

Bagus has been writing a book on Jackie Mason in which he has mentioned over and over again that Jackie Mason is the most underrated comedian of all time.

In his book, Bagus says that Jackie Mason should have acquired the no.1 spot instead of 63 in Comedy Central’s 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time’s list.

In his book, Bagus asks “Is there any comedian that can match the pun of Jackie Mason?”

Bagus claims that Rodney Dangerfield is a chachki compared to Jackie Mason and he wouldn’t hire him as his clerk.

Bagus claims that one of the reasons why Jackie Mason is so underrated is that he doesn’t tell sex jokes which the degenerate audience of nowadays is always very eager to listen to. Bagus further adds that the things only seem to go worse from here.

About Jackie Mason’s Pro-Zionism and Pro-Israel causes, Bagus says that Jackie Mason is perhaps one of the most underrated Zionism and Pro-Israel people out there who if had enough, would give most of his wealth for the Pro-Israel and Pro-Zionist causes.

Bagus has also made a mention of Jackie Mason’s so-called best friend – Raoul Felder who used to be the most popular divorce attorney in the state of New York back in the decades of 1980s and 1990s. Bagus says that although Raoul Felder claims to be a devout Jew who would do anything for the state of Israel and for saving the Jewish religion, he is still an American divorce attorney and the modern western divorce is a Trayf in Judaism, “What a Hypocrite!”, Bagus adds.

Dermatologist from Acapulco recently got a website done for his practice but like always, he preferred it old school style

Dr Juan Arellano is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the Acapulco city for the past 12 years now. Dr Juan Arellano recently ordered a web hosting service (servicio de hosting) from one of the top Mexican hosting companies which were offering him email and SMS reminder service absolutely free but Dr Juan didn’t go for the email and SMS reminded thing as he believes that email and SMS reminders look to unprofessional for a doctor.

Dr Juan has a very popular blog where he shares a lot of his know-how about the skin, skin diseases, how to keep your skin healthy, which dermatologist is best for you and the like. The blog is available both in the Spanish and English language.

Dr Juan Arellano claims that generally, dermatologists associated with reputed hospitals are your better bet and if you are confused about choosing one, go with the one having panel in an reputed hospital blindly.

Dr Juan Arellano also claims on his blog that more people are now getting annually checked for their skin than ever before which Dr Juan believes is good and should be encouraged even more.

Dr Juan is extremely blunt and he likes to tell a tale about how he vomited while doing his first keloid injections and the patient slapped him right on the face and ran away.

Dr Juan Arellano likes to joke that people are more scared of the moles nowadays than they are of the terrorist organizations.

Dr Juan likes to advice the other new dermatologists by telling that if you are a good listener than your mission of being a great dermatologist is already 70% accomplished.

60 year old shoe manufacturing company owner wears only the coolest t-shirts sold by one particular online shop

Marcos Flores is proud to be a founder of one of the most prominent shoe manufacturing companies in his nation. Marcos was very tight on budget when he started his company but it is remarkable how he managed to have one without the help of any investor(s). Marcos believes that only people with no vision create companies with the help of investors.

Marcos’ company has been working on inventing/discovering a new material for the shoes that will have all the positive qualities of the leather, textile , PU and rubber shoes, with a cost far cheaper than any of these and Marcos claims that these shoes will be perfect for any and every occasion.

Marcos firmly believes that the robotic shoes will be very common by 2030 all over the world including the third-world countries.

Marcos also claims that long boots will be a greater than ever trend among the men by 2022. Marcos says that the long boots will be so common in the US and Western Europe that they will make the entire of these nations look like Texas or Mexico.

Marcos believes that no matter how many different types of materials for the shoes come and go, PU leather shoes, running shoes and tennis shoes will always be in a great demand, at least till the end of this century, he adds.

Marcos claims that while the tennis and running shoes by some of the greatest sports shoes brands ever are very similar, the ones by Marcos’ company are extremely distinct and can be known whether they belong to the tennis or running category from 100 meter away.

Marcos though old now, loves himself some cool t-shirts and his first and the last choice for the same has been Nexus since he ordered his first t-shirt from them back in 2017.

Rheumatologist is always looking for an easy buck and she doesn’t understand that it is not so easy

Maya Suarez is a rheumatologist from the city of Sydney, Australia who has a love-hate relationship with her practice. Maya is always looking for a business that can provide her millions of dollars without much hard-work and that’s when she discovered HighLow Binary Option Broker only to get scammed for a lot of money but then Assured Recover come to the rescue and provided her the best Binary Options Recovery service that she could have ever asked for.

Let us talk some about Maya’s rheymatology practice, her beliefs about rheumatology and related things.

Maya accepts most health insurances and she believes that healthcare has far improved the lives of many patients but worsened it for the few others.

Maya says that most East Asians have a thing for the martial arts; Centuries of practicing martial arts has turned their bones flexible enough and while they suffer very fewer bone related diseases due to their practice of martial arts, the same is not the case with most other races, especially the Europeans. Maya claims that 1 out of 3 White European or American will have a bone related issue due to their practice of martial arts one day or another.

Maya is also a conspiracy theorist of a sort and this should be evident from the fact that she has a blog dedicated to conspiracy theories. Maya claims that once the nation called USA is done taking over the oil rich middle-eastern countries, they will nuke Israel and take over that nation as well. Maya claims that many of the Israeli top officials, especially the high rank officers of Mossad know this already but they are helpless and trapped, and it seems like they cannot do anything about it.

Marketing Executive at Ford loves making opinions on cars and watching movies on Indoxxi

Samara Alves is a Marketing Executive at the Ford Motors. Samara is an outspoken beautiful lady with a love for cars and that’s the reason why she creates those regular Vlogs to showcase her beauty and knowledge and vision about the cars.

Samara says that horn on the steering wheel is an old trend and they should come up with something new now. Samara says that anything will do except that boring steering wheel, even a bull’s horn.

Samara is very disappointed with the BMW as she believes that neither does BMW look after the rear passengers like the Mercedes nor they look after the driver like they once used to. Samara says that the day isn’t far when BMW will go bankrupt in their pursuit of becoming Mercedes.

Samara also says that what’s more of a proof about BMW’s declining joy for the driver than it coming with the run-flat tyres. Samara says that it is about choice between ride quality and a sporty steering for many and she personally would choose later over the first any day.

Samara says that it is a shame that a luxury car company like Mercedes’s diesel engines make noise at higher speeds. Samara says that the German cars don’t have that drool factor anymore.

Samara claims that she has the secret information that the Japanese giant – Shinkansen wants to enter luxury car manufacturing business and Samara doubts that if that happens, their sales alone may be more than all the luxury car manufacturers combined as the company is very used to perfection and it looks like they will always keep at it.

When Samara is not making opinions on cars, she can be found watching movies on Indoxxi and she says that is the best part of her day.

Research Scientist uses the most expensive metals and chemicals for her experiments but likes to save on the books

Nicole Prothero is a research scientist who herself is extremely critical of the research scientists around the world. Nicole’s ultimate dream is to have her own supercar manufacturing company and she claims that she will name it after Avogadro, the late Italian scientist, who happens to be Nicole’s greatest hero and inspiration.

Nicole doesn’t believe in using the cheapest metals for the chemical reactions, the only thing that she cares about is the quality of the metals that she uses. Nicole’s husband is a wealthy businessman and that is the foremost reason why Nicole doesn’t bother about the money at all for the chemicals or metals that she uses for her experiments. Although Nicole doesn’t bother about the money for chemicals or metals used in her own experiments, she is extremely frugal when it comes to the books and that’s the reason why she only uses one particular website for most of the books that she needs. She recently downloaded Nivaldo’s Introductory Chemistry 5th edition PDF from the same website and saved $115.

Nicole claims that Calcium Chloride has far more number of uses than we now know.

Nicole’s work has a lot to do with finding the empirical formula for different things and she hates it when the empirical formulas on her notebook start standing taller than the New York’s popular Empire State Building.

Nicole keeps experimenting day and night to create rocks like never seen before. She claims that her rocks will completely replace the marble and she will be known in the upcoming history of the world for this contribution of hers.

Nicole has also been working to create revolutionary tools to measure the area and her husband has been supporting her fully even though he sometimes doubts that he is going to go bankrupt if she doesn’t become successful in her endeavors.

GMC Sierra Denali has proven to be a perfect vehicle for Belinda Delozier’s Snow Plowing Service

Belinda Delozier has been running a snow plowing service for the past few years in Buffalo, NY. Belinda has been using the same GMC Sierra Denali for the purpose ever since and she loves both her truck and sprayon bedliners that she uses on the same.

Currently, Belinda provides services to the residential clients only but she says that once she creates an entire team, she will start providing services to the commercial clients as well.

Along with suggesting to Belinda that she should start providing services to the commercial clients, her friends suggest to her that she should start providing spring clean up services as well but she rejects their suggestions very politely because she believes that one should only involve in the things that they are really passionate about.

Belinda says that in her career of few years, she hasn’t come across a single snow plowing business that doesn’t provide free estimates to the clients but she still doesn’t comprehend why they have to specially mention this fact that they provide free estimates. Belinda claims that her website never mentioned on it ‘Free Estimates’ and it never will.

Belinda claims that in her career of few years, there hasn’t been a single time when she forgot to clean the client’s mailbox as well.

Belinda has always provided de-icing and ice melting services and recently, she also started providing anti-icing applications.

Belinda doesn’t have an army with her to provide services along with her but she is far better than an army all alone when it comes to the innovations in her business.

Belinda wanted her husband to join as well so that she could provide around the clock service but he refused the offer to work with Belinda and Belinda couldn’t care less.

Belinda provides special discount to the customers from senior housing societies.

Abigaile is working on creating the healthiest and tastiest soft drink ever and she has already recruited experts through local Czech job portal to make this dream of her come true

Abigaile Saint is a proud owner of a small soft drink company that she inherited after the death of her grandfather. Abigaile’s soft drinks are the most sold after Kofola in the entire nation but Abigaile has something else in mind. Abigaile wants to make her soft drinks not the most sold in Czech Republic or the neighboring countries but she instead wants to turn her soft drinks company into something that surpasses the Pepsi and Coca-Cola in terms of sales numbers and no matter how much they tell her that it is an impossible task, she is not willing to take the discouragement.

Abigaile has also recruited some experts that can make the healthiest possible soft drinks giving them an unparalleled taste through posting ads on local Czech job portals (inzerce práce). Abigaile claims that they are already seeing success in what they are trying to achieve and soon enough the team will come up with a secret formula that will bankrupt each and every soft drink company.

Abigaile never worked at any other company and she has no prior experience of running a big company but she is confident enough that she is going to manage it smoothly enough.

All of Abigaile’s cousins are envious of her as they inherited a very little from their grandfather. Abigaile was her grandfather’s most favorite grandchild and that’s the reason why he transferred more than 50% of his wealth to this one grandchild of his alone.

Abigaile loves to ride horses and she owns 3 Kladruber horses whom she features on each and every video or photo advertising for her soft drink. She says that her upcoming soft drink is going to be healthy enough for the horses as well.

Grandpa Rocky’s believe that automated phone messages can sometimes make kids as happy as their chocolates and candies

Grandpa Rocky’s Candy and Chocolate Company (name changed) may not be one of the oldest in the business but they have been definitely surpassing  most of the oldest candy and chocolate companies for over past one decade.

Until about 2 years ago, Grandpa Rocky’s Candy and Chocolate Company had a notion that using something like automated phone message is something that they should stay away from but they were partly right and mostly wrong. Using an unreliable and complicated automated phone message or phone call service is really something that a business should stay away from but Robotalker is a gift of gods to the modern businesses that believe in staying up-to-date. Grandpa Rocky’s Candy and Chocolate Company has been using Robotalker for roughly about past 2 years and they can’t recommend it enough. Now they say that using automated phone services are a must for every major and minor business.

Grandpa Rocky’s are mostly popular for their chicken candies, the recipe for which they learnt from Israel. These candies are mostly bought by the parents for their kids as they are very healthy and nutritious along with being delicious.

Grandpa Rocky’s once created Red Meat candies made in a tyre shape and you will not believe how much these candies were hated by the kids for its looks and taste. Grandpa Rocky’s claim that created a tyre shaped red meat candy was their greatest blunder ever and it cost company a lot of money and reputation.

Another big blunder by Grandpa Rocky’s was when they tried to create Lassi chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate, the recipe for which they learnt through Punjab in Pakistan and Punjab in India. This one blunder wasn’t as major as the tyre red meat candy one as they were already vigilant about the failure of the product and therefore kept the production volume deliberately low as they were already expecting a failure for most of it.

Resume search in USA like in other countries is getting more popular day-by-day

More and more companies are using reliable resume search USA just because how easy it makes finding the right employee for their company. I recently interviewed a HR lady having 30+ years of experience in the field and she told me stuff I never knew before including that nowadays, spontaneity matters a lot more than prior knowledge and preparation while giving an interview than ever before.

She told me that the thing that really impresses the company you are giving an interview to the most is how rapidly you achieved promotions at your previous company.

She says to the interviewees to not be over-cheered while giving the interview as it makes you look stupid and not-so-serious which you ought to be for the job and always perform a thorough research about the company that you are willing to work for as the HR department people are very particular about it and indirectly, they ask you questions pertaining to the same.

She also gave me several examples of her encounter with memorable interviewees, both negative and positive. Once an interviewee told her that he never made any mistake ever in his entire life, on or off-job and he has nothing to regret about in his entire life and that’s where he lost the opportunity to work at their company.

Once when an interviewee comprehended that she is not going to get the job she was giving the interview for, she broke down in tears in front of the interviewers and started crying about how her addiction to travel, watching television and useless Youtube videos, playing video games and addiction to junk food destroyed her career. The interviewee was crying on one side and the interviewers were finding it too hard to control their laughter.

Brandon Snyder had no idea that homemade sausages could be as great as the ones at a nearby restaurant

Brandon Snyder is not a wealthy oil refinery owner and he is not some sarcastic professor who got rich overnight after marrying a multi-millionaire heiress student of his, Brandon is the owner of a small online proofing company and he only makes enough money to feed himself and his family.

Brandon recently suffered a traumatic event, to get out of which, he did what he always does to get himself out of it and bring back joy and happiness in his life – he bought a new home  appliance – a sausage stuffer that he bought after checking most of the sausage stuffer reviews that he could find.

Brandon saw a sausage stuffer for the first time at a relative’s house and he found the shape of it to be extremely funny.

Brandon’s 65 year old dad loves the new sausage stuffer that his son bought as his favorite dish is mutton and beef sausage.

 Before buying this sausage stuffer, Brandon did a thorough research about it everywhere on the internet including Reddit, where he read nothing but everything positive about it. Brandon used to believe that homemade sausages couldn’t be as good as the ones sold at the restaurants but Reddit dismissed this belief of his along with his dad.

Brandon has been maintaining a journal about his experience with his sausage stuffer. He says that he will soon enough start a blog mentioning his experience with his sausage stuffer.

Brandon’s brother-in-law is a supplier of Red Cab Fishes, Shirohi Goats, White Rabbits, Boar Goats and Garra Rufa fishes who also bought the same sausage stuffer as Brandon on his advice.

Portsmouth boy making more money in a month working at home than he did in a year at his Pizza delivery boy job

Grayson Cunliffe is a blogger with a genuine passion for writing. Grayson used to work at the Pizza Hut on Binnacle Way, Portsmouth, England as a delivery boy, which he hated with all his heart. Grayson worked at this job for over 2 years until he discovered how he could earn money online and be self-employed. The day Grayson discovered this marvelous website that goes by the name Top PTC Sites Online, he left his delivery boy job.

The main reason why Grayson left that delivery boy job was not because he hated getting pennies thrown on his face as tips but because he always believed that by working from home only can he save enough to focus on his writing career. Grayson has been running over ten successful and popular blogs on different subjects ever since and the income comes through affiliate commissions and that alone is enough to pay all his bills. The money that he makes with PTC Sites, he uses it to start new small online business ventures or to put into his bank account.

Grayson says that his main 2019 business resolution was to purchase at least 10 new websites on each and every special occasion, which he hasn’t been able to manage yet but on March 31st, he made the same resolution again.

Grayson is a good-looking guy and he wasted a lot of money and time in the past aspiring to become an actor. All the modeling and TV agencies befooled him like they do to others.

In the February of this year, Grayson started studying Electrostatistics but stopped only after 4 days, calling it a complete waste of time and energy and he now believes that he is too smart for something like Electrostatistics.

Texan enjoyed exploring the ultra-rich and ultra-poor neighborhoods of Delhi

Ruben Bannatyne is a Texan who is different from many other Texans for several reasons including that he is not a White Supremacist or a devout Christian. Ruben is a bit spiritual and after listening to Indian spiritual gurus like Nithyananda, OSHO and Sadhguru, Ruben had an immense desire to travel to India at least once before he dies which finally got fulfilled in the January of this very year.

Ruben had a very few spare days to enjoy the vacation and hence he could only enjoy the visit to Delhi but he managed to explore the entire city within the given period.

Ruben very much enjoyed shopping at the Central Delhi’s Palika Bazar, Connaught Place. He was amazed at the great prices for the clothing and other stuff available there.

Ruben also explored the poverty stricken slum areas of different parts of Delhi and he couldn’t sleep that night looking at the poor lifestyle of those people.

 Ruben used to be a fat nerd in the school days owing to which, one of the first missions in his life after he completed his education was to become superfit and he did. He has been fitness modeling for the past few years and he was amazed at the invitations that he was getting from the beautiful Indian women while he was in New Delhi.

Ruben stayed at the Hotel Grand Hyatt in the Bhikaji Cama Place neighborhood of New Delhi and the receptionist was like “WOW” after seeing Ruben.

Ruben is a full-time investor. He claims that exercising excessively really helps in making him smarter and he is able to take decisions that require him to be extremely shrewd within no time.

Ruben kept in touch with his business while he was in Delhi and as much as he enjoyed exploring Delhi, that much he enjoyed working in his hotel room while still there.

Agrostologist and BBA from the University of Wollongong has been freelancing for quite a while with the help of a reliable VPS hosting service

Dusa Dosanjh is an American lady of Indian origin. Dusa believes that energy companies of the USA need to learnt to be more efficient and they can take a lesson from the VPS Hosting service that she has been using for a while. Dusa has been using this VPS Hosting service to provide the freelance GSA SER and traffic services that she recently started.

Dusa’s full-time job is that of a Data Analyst and Planner at a major online clothing store. She has a BBA from the University of Wollongong.

Dusa also studied agrostology as a hobby. She has been doing a research on and talking to several different alchemists to understand that how the ancient and modern alchemists take the use of grass in this field.

One of Dusa’s brothers – Diljeet is a wealthy factory owner. Diljeet’s factory manufactures coolants for the automobiles. Along with being associated with the automobile industry for the business, Diljeet is also an automobile enthusiast. Diljeet claims that BMW has been planning to be more luxurious than the Mercedes and the Mercedes has been planning to be more of a driver’s car than a BMW. Diljeet says that although both are very likely to succeed in their intentions, but by the time they both succeed, the entire industry is going to go in the hands of their Japanese rivals – Acura, Infiniti and Lexus because soon enough Acuras, Infinitis and Lexus will be more luxurious, classy, stylish, more fun-to-drive and like always – more reliable than their German rivals.

Diljeet owned a couple of Jaguars and Land Rovers in the past and he is against these British brands. Diljeet says that although both Jaguar and Land Rover are fun-to-drive, he seldom used to get to drive them as they were always in the workshop to get repaired.

Automobile enthusiast seeing great progress since he started using CrazyBulk Winsol

Andrey Kovar (name changed) says that the more aesthetic he becomes, the more obsessed he gets with bodybuilding. Andrey has been working out for a long while but he never made as much progress as he has been seeing since he started using CrazyBulk Winsol.

Andrey is an automobile enthusiast who owns a couple of popular auto blogs as well. Andrey says that the Lit Motors’ C-1 will never be out for sale as the major established companies have bribed the governments into not letting it happen. Andrey wonders why the Honda doesn’t offer all the color options for their cars in Southeast Asia. Andrey says that Honda launches the worst and most boring colors for their cars in Southeast Asia.

Andrey says that the Israelites are being indirectly told by their government to stop using petrol and diesel cars and start using the electric cars in order to bankrupt the nations with oil. Andrey claims that the top engineers in Israel are working on building the latest electric vehicle technology that will surpass all the available electric vehicles including Tesla.

Andrey made hundreds of posts on his blog regarding the rivalry between Suzuki and Yamaha.

Andrey says that the Chinese automobile companies are doing a great job but they are yet to prove that they are reliable and durable.

Andrey says that there is a secret deal that took place between the Japanese motorcycle company – Yamaha and the Indian scooter and motorcycle company – Bajaj that took place in the early 2018.  Andrey says that the Yamaha is not efficient enough when it comes to building the bodies for the motorcycles and same is the case with the Bajaj when it comes to building engines, soon enough the Bajaj-Yamaha alliance will bring out Bajaj bike bodies with Yamaha engines.

Andrey turned his Volvo bus into a moving restaurant recently and he has been making more profits with the same than he even expected.

Andrey’s wife – Audrey is a vegan who says that only fools eat meat which many times infuriates Andrey.

Went to inaugurate her bobby pin factory in Heraklion and fell in love with the port city

Helma Stapleton (name changed) has an antisocial personality and she says that there is no such thing as an interesting human being whereas Helma’s sister – Velma who is a very social person since the school days says that each and every human being is extremely interesting.

Helma claims that her grandmother wrote the infamous song “Yes sir I can boogie” that Spanish vocal duo Baccara sung and made it a hit. Helma says that her grandmother wrote the song in a ship and forgot to take it along after the trip was over.

Helma is very critical of Quran and Islam. Helma claims that Quran and Islam encourage the rape of the infidels which is completely unacceptable to her. Helma says that the western world must wake up before the Muslims become the largest population on the face of the earth. Helma has no hopes from the eastern world when it comes to getting rid of Islam, including China, Japan, North and South Korea, India. Helma says that the guys in the eastern part of world have always lacked vigor and the same is now becoming the case with the western world.

Helma says that no matter how much the Arabs try to show their masculanity, virility and vigor but it is a known fact that polyandry was a norm in the Arabian peninsula before the advent of the Islam. There are tons of stories that you can read on the Wikipedia websites and books about the polyandry on the Arabian peninsula. Helma says that she has read tons of those stories and the women on the Arabian peninsula used to treat men as slaves back then and Islam was sort of a revenge by the men on the women. Islam is more like peace for the men of the Arabian peninsula then the peace for humanity.

Helma recently bought a bobby pin manufacturing unit situated at the heart of Heraklion. Helma totally loved the experience that car hire Heraklion airport provided her with.

Ivan is a Lyft cab driver in Denver CO but he says that he could have become a general practitioner if he focused more on studies than being with bad guys in college

Ivan Firby (name changed) recalls his college days when he was always curious and furious to be like the spoiled guys in his college. Ivan hated drinking, chasing girls and putting them on the pedestal, he hated smoking as well but he did it nevertheless to be one of the bad guys in the college. The spoiled guys of the college always used to give the reasoning to each other for drinking alcohol that the ancient patriarchs of the Jewish people used to drink wine like it was nobody’s business and all-in-all they were all addicted to wine and they were far more intelligent than a regular human being of those times, this reasoning used to fill Ivan with a passion to drink as much alcohol as he could.

Ivan currently drives a Lyft cab which he signed up for after finding out about Lyft driver sign up bonus. Ivan drinks a couple of beer cans once a month on an average and plays his favorite GTA video games after that, whenever he does that, he keeps on repeating that he screwed his life forever by hanging around with the bad guys in college. He says that he wanted to become a medical general practitioner and he could have become one if he focused more on his studies and less on hanging out with the bad guys in college.

Ivan says that he doesn’t hasten anymore while taking major personal, financial or business decisions.

Ivan recently enjoyed a trip to Lebanon, he says that he observed some sacred spots there, where one can still feel the souls of the sacred Asher and Naphtali Jewish tribes there. Ivan says that he will again visit Lebanon and along with Lebanon, he will visit Jordan as well.

Ms Linville is going to talk about the upcoming Holy Roman Superpower Empire in Thailand this very month

Gefen Linville (name changed) is not from the Indian subcontinent but her favorite dish is curry fish and rice which is quite unusual for a French lady who was born, raised and married in a beautiful city called Rennes in France.

Gefen has a hobby of predicting the trends of the future, she says that the people in the future will not be dressed in suits, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, ties, denims, trousers, shorts, skirts, etc but they would rather wear clothes made up of steel, platinum, gold, iron, plastic, cooper and silver. The ones wearing plastic or iron would be considered low-income, the middle-income people would be dressed in steel or cooper dresses and the wealthy people would like to dress in gold, cooper, platinum and silver clothes.

Gefen claims that Italy is going to be the next superpower. Gefen says that the Catholics are working too hard to recreate the Holy Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire of this time will be much more powerful than the one in the medieval times. Gefen says that the young men and women all across the world other than in the Catholic countries are busy wanking to the porn and wasting their precious life force and dopamine receptors in front of the pixels while the Catholic young men and women are creating new technology, literature and other innovative things which will help the young Catholic men, women, boys and girls recreate a Holy Roman Empire stronger, more powerful and more innovative than ever before.

Gefen claims that the Holy Roman Empire will give an ultimatum to the Islamic countries to stop procreating like the mosquitoes otherwise they will be nuked. Gefen claims that she has a very secret report about this and no other non-catholic than her is aware of the things that she is familiar with yet.

Gefen is going to give speeches all over the Thailand about what the world will look like and will be by the year 2030, her organizers have already booked taxis using for her tour. It is going to be a big event that’s one thing for sure.

My friend Anthony Thielen wrote a book about the end times while his bathroom was getting renovated

Anthony Thielen (name changed) used to be a sheep before but he turned into a lion after listening to his favorite song over and over again and the song is “Love my way” by Psychedelic Furs. Anthony says that the song changed his life for the better as he started following his own mind after that. He used to be always considered a weirdo by the friends and the family which used to upset him and he would cry in the corners because of the same.

Anthony recently wrote a book where he accused Osmanoglu family of Turkey or Ottoman empire to be the real rulers of the world. Anthony has written in his book that the Osmanoglu family was aware of the fact that they wouldn’t be able to rule as they did before the first world war for long and played all these tricks of World War 1 and then 2 and now they want World War 3 which will be a nuclear war.

Anthony has written that the Osmanoglu family wants to see the world burns just for the sake of seeing it burn. Anthony has written that the Osmanoglu family is full of inbreds and they are all circumcised (both males and females) but they are all highly intelligent and they are using their intelligence for the negative purposes. He called them all intelligent and wealthy maniacs.

Anthony wrote this book while his favorite bathroom was undergoing bathroom renovation Newmarket. Anthony’s book is a tiny one and it is only 50 pages long. I would advice you to buy his book right away, it is named “Osmanogly family – The real Dajjal” and it is available only as a paperback on Amazon for 4 USD.