Top South African Wardrobe Organizer Brand rescued by Sincere Tech

Sowetikshman Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a popular name in the South African wardrobe organiser arena. They have been selling all sorts of wardrobe organisers for over a decade, hangers, shirt organisers, socks and tie organisers, lingerie organisers, belt organisers, one-piece organisers, special dress organisers, wardrobe baskets, drawers and shelves, wardrobe baskets, wardrobe boxes, you name it.

Sowetikshman never had manufacturing of its own. The products used to be manufactured by the founder’s best friend’s plastic injection mold factory that went by the name Jon and Jackie Pvt Ltd (name changed). After the death of both the founders in a car accident when they both were traveling to Cape Town to attend a wedding, the Sowetikshman Pvt Ltd was facing a depression. The family of the founder had no idea how to run the company and with the Jon and Jackie Pvt Ltd shutting down forever with the death of its founder, the task to run the company appeared next to impossible.

Within the family of Sowetikshman Pvt Ltd, there is a guy who was still 16, but had the brains of a genius. He advised the rest of the family that Dongguan, China is the hottest plastic manufacturing hub currently and the company can be rescued if a couple of family members go to Dongguan, China and deal with the right manufacturer. The family knew that the guy is a genius, he scored the highest grades in the class, his teachers couldn’t appreciate him enough and he is a genius from the very first day.

One son and a daughter of the Sowetikshman’s founder traveled all the way to Dongguan, China to look for the right plastic injection mould company and they were surprised to find how many of them were there. Out of all the companies, Sincere Tech appealed to the brother and sister the most and they have since been outsourcing all the manufacturing to them.