This is how this controversial cosmetic surgeon from Chicago earned 6 digit Twitter followers

Dr Scott Goldsmith is a cosmetic surgeon from the city of Chicago. Dr Scott is one of a kind as he regularly gets interviewed on the radios and other places and there’s almost never been a program where he was featured and he didn’t make a controversial statement.

Once Dr Goldsmith said that it is a pity that women that do not have any sort of issues with their breasts are getting both their breasts removed out of the fear of getting breast cancer. He further added that the breast awareness campaigns sometimes do more harm than the good and this is just one example.

Once when asked to give some advice to the women, Dr Goldsmith said “Better apply expensive and reputed rejuvenation creams than going for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.”

Once while being interviewed at a Los Angeles radio station, Dr Goldsmith mentioned that swimsuits and beaches are mostly responsible for the arrays of patients lining up at the clinics of the cosmetic surgeons.

Dr Goldsmith has also been interviewed in the England for more than a couple of times. I heard a tape of him giving interview in of the London radio stations, he warned the potential cosmetic surgery patients in that interview, saying “Cosmetic surgery being one of the most lucrative practices in the medical field has been attracting more uncertified rookie practitioners than any other field for over 2 decades and the percentage of these rookie uncertified practitioners only seems to grow, especially since the dawn of the year 2013. Make sure to always check that your cosmetic surgeon is a certified one and if you don’t and something happens to you, realize how careless you have been and you might even end up doing yourself irreversible harm and damage, so much that it could even take your life.”

Dr Scott Goldsmith has hundreds of thousands of free twitter followers and he is quite a popular name all across the internet, especially social media.

Polish-American Blogger wrote 3000 words long article from scratch within one hour through his OnePlus 7

Daniel Pollock is an American Author and Blogger of Polish descent who is not a Catholic but obsessed with several Catholic figures including St Augustine of Hippo.

Yesterday only, Daniel wrote this 3000 words long post on his blog paying tribute to St Augustine of Hippo, it only took him one hour to do it and you would be surprised to know that he did it not with his regular computer but his OnePlus 7 instead.

Daniel claims that Possidius loved St Augustine so much that he would have fought an entire army all alone on one order of St Augustine. For Possidius, St Augustine was as precious as Jesus Christ.

Daniel writes that St Augustine attributed his magnificent voice and communication skills to the practice of chastity and although there is no written mention of the same, he told it to the near and dear ones several times orally using the same magnificent voice and communication skills.

Daniel tells us about the Augustinians in his blog post that consider the month with 31 days as their lucky one because Augustine was 31 when he converted to Christianity.

Daniel completely agrees with Augustine’s views on the combination of astrology and science.

Daniel is also against polytheistic worship and writes that the belief that the polytheistic worship is necessary to achieve worldly materials and pleasures is a failed one as the richest nations of today are the ones that believe in monotheistic religions. The greatest pagan religion of all times is Hinduism and when the Iranian polymath – Al-Biruni arrived in India, he observed that the wealthiest Upper-Class communities of India only believed in one god but those belonging to the Lower-Class believed in many gods.

Daniel ends his blog post by writing that the leaders of different religions must get together and become friends instead of continuing their stupid rivalry. Daniel believes that we are already overpopulated and the leaders of different religions encouraging their people to have more babies instead of controlling the population so that their religion can dominate the others is a stupid idea. Daniel believes that there is no solution but to either end the concept of religion or all religions must unite and become one.

At the age of 76, he took the Israeli Opera by the Storm, says Ballerina and Director Francesco Costanzo

It doesn’t happen everyday when someone gets an opportunity to interview their hero. It is once in a lifetime thing but it happens to Francesco Costanzo Maurice Béjart almost every other month when he gets to talk to one of his favorite heroes.

Just last month, Francesco had the opportunity of interviewing one of his favorite German Opera Directors – Friedrich Meyer-Oertel who told Francesco several interesting personal stuff about himself including that he proposed the stage designer Hanna Jordan twice backstage, the same lady with whom he is popular for working in hundreds of projects. She is a marvelous stage designer.

Friedrich told Francesco that Boris Gudonov that he directed at the age of 76 at the Israeli Opera, astonished him with the claps that it received. Friedrich was really hoping an award for it but didn’t get any. He says that knowing that he can work wonders in this old age is enough for himself. He told Francesco that it was stunning how the audience cried while watching the acting and passion of the actors at the Israeli Opera.

Growing up in Austria, Friedrich observed that the Austrian artists and Opera are very underrated and underestimated.

Although Friedrich himself directed the Othello twice, he still believes that it is the overrated and overplayed opera of all times and it was pretty annoying back when he was a middle-aged man.

The interview of young Italian Choreographer – Francesco Costanzo with the veteran Italian-American Choreographer – Francesca Zambello is a must read

Maurice Béjart Coreografo Francesco Costanzo had no idea that interviewing an Italian-American Opera Director can be so much fun and full of warmth until he interviewed Francesca Zambello.

Francesco Costanzo wrote in his blog that he used to believe that Francesca is Half-Italian until he personally met her. One of Francesco’s first questions to her was regarding her ethnicity only. She told Francesco that she is an Italian from both the paternal and maternal side.

When Francesco asked her the secret to her exceptionally high intelligence level, she replied that she attributes her high IQ level to learning multiple European languages in the childhood.

Francesca also told Francesco that because of being sort of a nerd, she used to get bullied at the Moscow University all the time.

She also told Francesco that she used to suffer with Insomnia due to hypertension during the direction of her first opera – Fidelio.

Francesca told Francesco that within only a period of 3 years, she had become so confident with Opera direction that she was as easy as on a vacation when she made her debut in Venice with the play ‘Beatrice di Tenda’.

Francesca considers her greatest achievement to be one of the very few European born Opera Directors to have over 10 operas in Japan.

Francesca also told Francesco that she has experimented a lot with men only to discover each time only to find it boring as hell and that her true sexual orientation is lesbian.

When Francesco asked Francesca if she ever received some hate due to her sexual orientation. She told him that she received some hate from a few students at the Yale University but she has become pretty much immune to it and now knows how to handle it very well.

Real Estate Agent from Edmonton claims that the only ones with the best digital marketing companies by their side are going to survive in the industry

Steven Brown is a Real Estate Agent and Blogger from the city of Edmonton, Ontario who claims that the Real Estate industry is in so much desperation that many Real Estate Agents have turned their business into Real Estate School because they weren’t even able to pay the rent for their offices with being agents. Steven adds that the Real Estate Agencies that have really survived are the ones with the best digital marketing company on their side.

Steven says that although the amount of business in the Real Estate industry nowadays completely depends upon how good your marketing is, maintaining great relationships with both buyers and sellers still cannot be overlooked, which unfortunately many Real Estate agents are doing.

Steven claims to know several coffee shop owners that sold their coffee shops and turned into Real Estate agents due to the extreme competition only to get back being Coffee Shop owners again and vice versa.

Steven says that the cottage industry has definitely gone extinct but cottage styled houses have been gaining popularity each day for the past few years.

After meeting several different Real Estate Agents from different cities from different states of Canada and the United States, Steven has come to the conclusion that there should be a separate license for the commercial and residential real estate. Steven says that those that look and seem experts at buying and selling residential properties mostly lack the skill of buying and selling commercial properties and vice versa.

Steven says that there is no denying that the real estate agents that were born and raised in the same cities that they operate in, are better at their business but then again, they are also great at taking you on a long ride as they are familiar with things that you are not.

Dr Linda Cavett from Gainesville could improve her interpersonal communication skills manifold with this one book

Dr Linda Cavett is a General Practitioner from the city of Gainesville, Florida who also happens to be a Professor of Family Medicine/General Practice at the UF College of Medicine in the same city.

Dr Linda loves being a doctor and as much as she loves and cares about her practice, she loves and cares almost the same degree about her teaching profession as well. Dr Linda spends a great deal of her precious time trying to improve her teaching skills and she claims that reading interpersonal Communication 3rd edition has helped her more than anything else when it comes to improving her communication skills while it comes to lecturing to a great number of students.

On her blog, Dr Linda Cavett says that it really becomes hard for a General Practitioner when the patients are not willing to visit the specialist in cases that are out of the hands of their typical General Practitioner and then give him/her a negative feedback for not being able to treat or cure their condition although the General Practitioner was quite clear that it was out of his/her hands.

Dr Linda claims that highly experienced General Practitioners are as good pediatrics as the specialist pediatrics themselves. Dr Linda further adds that if you have some issue with your regular pediatric like being unable to get an appointment or some such thing then find the highest experienced possible general practitioner nearby you and visit him/her.

Dr Linda gives advise to the young and not-so-experienced doctors on her blog that the elder patients really get soothed when you talk specially to their family members. She says that any doctor who can make up enough time to do that must do the same.

Straight man has some of the interesting ideas for the women to eliminate their expression lines

Billie Diaz is an author from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil aka heaven on earth. Billie recenly completed with writing his controversial book on the life and death of the English polyglot Bertrand Russell. Billie’s book is so full of controversial remarks about Bertrand Russell and his family that although a very few people read it, the number of the critics that this book are record-breaking.

In his book, Billie claims that the Biologist Douglas Spalding wasn’t only interested in Viscountess Amberley only but he had pedophilic urges from time to time and he would make Bertrand a target of his urges from time-to-time.

Billie claims that the reason why Bertrand Russell contemplated suicide all the time while an adolescent was due to the sexual abuse he received as a child and the masturbation addiction his teen years that killed his soul. Billie claims that he was introduced to the masturbation by Douglas Spalding only and instead of helping Bertrand Russell and kicking Douglas Spalding out of her home, her mother put a blind eye on what all was happening.

Billie says that it is well-known to everyone who knows something about Bertrand Russell that his maternal grandmother used to ridicule him all the time and he used to be scare of her which proves that her maternal grandmother was another degenerate in his maternal family as instead she should have rather ridiculed her daughter for hanging around and having sex all the time with pedophilic men. Billie further says that he cannot imagine how Bertrand’s father lived with Bertrand’s mother.

Billie recently wrote an article about how to eliminate expression lines (como eliminar linhas de expressão) which is quite unusual for a straight male but the article has been getting great response ever since it was published.

Biggest Jackie Mason fan from Medan supports the freethinkers and their causes

Bagus Fathurrahman is perhaps the greatest Indonesian Jackie Mason fan that I have ever met. Bagus is based out of the Medan city and along with being a comic fan, he is a freethinker Indonesia revolutionaries like Bayu Angora’s fan as well.

Bagus has been writing a book on Jackie Mason in which he has mentioned over and over again that Jackie Mason is the most underrated comedian of all time.

In his book, Bagus says that Jackie Mason should have acquired the no.1 spot instead of 63 in Comedy Central’s 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time’s list.

In his book, Bagus asks “Is there any comedian that can match the pun of Jackie Mason?”

Bagus claims that Rodney Dangerfield is a chachki compared to Jackie Mason and he wouldn’t hire him as his clerk.

Bagus claims that one of the reasons why Jackie Mason is so underrated is that he doesn’t tell sex jokes which the degenerate audience of nowadays is always very eager to listen to. Bagus further adds that the things only seem to go worse from here.

About Jackie Mason’s Pro-Zionism and Pro-Israel causes, Bagus says that Jackie Mason is perhaps one of the most underrated Zionism and Pro-Israel people out there who if had enough, would give most of his wealth for the Pro-Israel and Pro-Zionist causes.

Bagus has also made a mention of Jackie Mason’s so-called best friend – Raoul Felder who used to be the most popular divorce attorney in the state of New York back in the decades of 1980s and 1990s. Bagus says that although Raoul Felder claims to be a devout Jew who would do anything for the state of Israel and for saving the Jewish religion, he is still an American divorce attorney and the modern western divorce is a Trayf in Judaism, “What a Hypocrite!”, Bagus adds.

Dermatologist from Acapulco recently got a website done for his practice but like always, he preferred it old school style

Dr Juan Arellano is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the Acapulco city for the past 12 years now. Dr Juan Arellano recently ordered a web hosting service (servicio de hosting) from one of the top Mexican hosting companies which were offering him email and SMS reminder service absolutely free but Dr Juan didn’t go for the email and SMS reminded thing as he believes that email and SMS reminders look to unprofessional for a doctor.

Dr Juan has a very popular blog where he shares a lot of his know-how about the skin, skin diseases, how to keep your skin healthy, which dermatologist is best for you and the like. The blog is available both in the Spanish and English language.

Dr Juan Arellano claims that generally, dermatologists associated with reputed hospitals are your better bet and if you are confused about choosing one, go with the one having panel in an reputed hospital blindly.

Dr Juan Arellano also claims on his blog that more people are now getting annually checked for their skin than ever before which Dr Juan believes is good and should be encouraged even more.

Dr Juan is extremely blunt and he likes to tell a tale about how he vomited while doing his first keloid injections and the patient slapped him right on the face and ran away.

Dr Juan Arellano likes to joke that people are more scared of the moles nowadays than they are of the terrorist organizations.

Dr Juan likes to advice the other new dermatologists by telling that if you are a good listener than your mission of being a great dermatologist is already 70% accomplished.

60 year old shoe manufacturing company owner wears only the coolest t-shirts sold by one particular online shop

Marcos Flores is proud to be a founder of one of the most prominent shoe manufacturing companies in his nation. Marcos was very tight on budget when he started his company but it is remarkable how he managed to have one without the help of any investor(s). Marcos believes that only people with no vision create companies with the help of investors.

Marcos’ company has been working on inventing/discovering a new material for the shoes that will have all the positive qualities of the leather, textile , PU and rubber shoes, with a cost far cheaper than any of these and Marcos claims that these shoes will be perfect for any and every occasion.

Marcos firmly believes that the robotic shoes will be very common by 2030 all over the world including the third-world countries.

Marcos also claims that long boots will be a greater than ever trend among the men by 2022. Marcos says that the long boots will be so common in the US and Western Europe that they will make the entire of these nations look like Texas or Mexico.

Marcos believes that no matter how many different types of materials for the shoes come and go, PU leather shoes, running shoes and tennis shoes will always be in a great demand, at least till the end of this century, he adds.

Marcos claims that while the tennis and running shoes by some of the greatest sports shoes brands ever are very similar, the ones by Marcos’ company are extremely distinct and can be known whether they belong to the tennis or running category from 100 meter away.

Marcos though old now, loves himself some cool t-shirts and his first and the last choice for the same has been Nexus since he ordered his first t-shirt from them back in 2017.

Rheumatologist is always looking for an easy buck and she doesn’t understand that it is not so easy

Maya Suarez is a rheumatologist from the city of Sydney, Australia who has a love-hate relationship with her practice. Maya is always looking for a business that can provide her millions of dollars without much hard-work and that’s when she discovered HighLow Binary Option Broker only to get scammed for a lot of money but then Assured Recover come to the rescue and provided her the best Binary Options Recovery service that she could have ever asked for.

Let us talk some about Maya’s rheymatology practice, her beliefs about rheumatology and related things.

Maya accepts most health insurances and she believes that healthcare has far improved the lives of many patients but worsened it for the few others.

Maya says that most East Asians have a thing for the martial arts; Centuries of practicing martial arts has turned their bones flexible enough and while they suffer very fewer bone related diseases due to their practice of martial arts, the same is not the case with most other races, especially the Europeans. Maya claims that 1 out of 3 White European or American will have a bone related issue due to their practice of martial arts one day or another.

Maya is also a conspiracy theorist of a sort and this should be evident from the fact that she has a blog dedicated to conspiracy theories. Maya claims that once the nation called USA is done taking over the oil rich middle-eastern countries, they will nuke Israel and take over that nation as well. Maya claims that many of the Israeli top officials, especially the high rank officers of Mossad know this already but they are helpless and trapped, and it seems like they cannot do anything about it.