The interview of young Italian Choreographer – Francesco Costanzo with the veteran Italian-American Choreographer – Francesca Zambello is a must read

Maurice BĂ©jart Coreografo Francesco Costanzo had no idea that interviewing an Italian-American Opera Director can be so much fun and full of warmth until he interviewed Francesca Zambello.

Francesco Costanzo wrote in his blog that he used to believe that Francesca is Half-Italian until he personally met her. One of Francesco’s first questions to her was regarding her ethnicity only. She told Francesco that she is an Italian from both the paternal and maternal side.

When Francesco asked her the secret to her exceptionally high intelligence level, she replied that she attributes her high IQ level to learning multiple European languages in the childhood.

Francesca also told Francesco that because of being sort of a nerd, she used to get bullied at the Moscow University all the time.

She also told Francesco that she used to suffer with Insomnia due to hypertension during the direction of her first opera – Fidelio.

Francesca told Francesco that within only a period of 3 years, she had become so confident with Opera direction that she was as easy as on a vacation when she made her debut in Venice with the play ‘Beatrice di Tenda’.

Francesca considers her greatest achievement to be one of the very few European born Opera Directors to have over 10 operas in Japan.

Francesca also told Francesco that she has experimented a lot with men only to discover each time only to find it boring as hell and that her true sexual orientation is lesbian.

When Francesco asked Francesca if she ever received some hate due to her sexual orientation. She told him that she received some hate from a few students at the Yale University but she has become pretty much immune to it and now knows how to handle it very well.