At the age of 76, he took the Israeli Opera by the Storm, says Ballerina and Director Francesco Costanzo

It doesn’t happen everyday when someone gets an opportunity to interview their hero. It is once in a lifetime thing but it happens to Francesco Costanzo Maurice Béjart almost every other month when he gets to talk to one of his favorite heroes.

Just last month, Francesco had the opportunity of interviewing one of his favorite German Opera Directors – Friedrich Meyer-Oertel who told Francesco several interesting personal stuff about himself including that he proposed the stage designer Hanna Jordan twice backstage, the same lady with whom he is popular for working in hundreds of projects. She is a marvelous stage designer.

Friedrich told Francesco that Boris Gudonov that he directed at the age of 76 at the Israeli Opera, astonished him with the claps that it received. Friedrich was really hoping an award for it but didn’t get any. He says that knowing that he can work wonders in this old age is enough for himself. He told Francesco that it was stunning how the audience cried while watching the acting and passion of the actors at the Israeli Opera.

Growing up in Austria, Friedrich observed that the Austrian artists and Opera are very underrated and underestimated.

Although Friedrich himself directed the Othello twice, he still believes that it is the overrated and overplayed opera of all times and it was pretty annoying back when he was a middle-aged man.