Polish-American Blogger wrote 3000 words long article from scratch within one hour through his OnePlus 7

Daniel Pollock is an American Author and Blogger of Polish descent who is not a Catholic but obsessed with several Catholic figures including St Augustine of Hippo.

Yesterday only, Daniel wrote this 3000 words long post on his blog paying tribute to St Augustine of Hippo, it only took him one hour to do it and you would be surprised to know that he did it not with his regular computer but his OnePlus 7 instead.

Daniel claims that Possidius loved St Augustine so much that he would have fought an entire army all alone on one order of St Augustine. For Possidius, St Augustine was as precious as Jesus Christ.

Daniel writes that St Augustine attributed his magnificent voice and communication skills to the practice of chastity and although there is no written mention of the same, he told it to the near and dear ones several times orally using the same magnificent voice and communication skills.

Daniel tells us about the Augustinians in his blog post that consider the month with 31 days as their lucky one because Augustine was 31 when he converted to Christianity.

Daniel completely agrees with Augustine’s views on the combination of astrology and science.

Daniel is also against polytheistic worship and writes that the belief that the polytheistic worship is necessary to achieve worldly materials and pleasures is a failed one as the richest nations of today are the ones that believe in monotheistic religions. The greatest pagan religion of all times is Hinduism and when the Iranian polymath – Al-Biruni arrived in India, he observed that the wealthiest Upper-Class communities of India only believed in one god but those belonging to the Lower-Class believed in many gods.

Daniel ends his blog post by writing that the leaders of different religions must get together and become friends instead of continuing their stupid rivalry. Daniel believes that we are already overpopulated and the leaders of different religions encouraging their people to have more babies instead of controlling the population so that their religion can dominate the others is a stupid idea. Daniel believes that there is no solution but to either end the concept of religion or all religions must unite and become one.