This is how this controversial cosmetic surgeon from Chicago earned 6 digit Twitter followers

Dr Scott Goldsmith is a cosmetic surgeon from the city of Chicago. Dr Scott is one of a kind as he regularly gets interviewed on the radios and other places and there’s almost never been a program where he was featured and he didn’t make a controversial statement.

Once Dr Goldsmith said that it is a pity that women that do not have any sort of issues with their breasts are getting both their breasts removed out of the fear of getting breast cancer. He further added that the breast awareness campaigns sometimes do more harm than the good and this is just one example.

Once when asked to give some advice to the women, Dr Goldsmith said “Better apply expensive and reputed rejuvenation creams than going for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.”

Once while being interviewed at a Los Angeles radio station, Dr Goldsmith mentioned that swimsuits and beaches are mostly responsible for the arrays of patients lining up at the clinics of the cosmetic surgeons.

Dr Goldsmith has also been interviewed in the England for more than a couple of times. I heard a tape of him giving interview in of the London radio stations, he warned the potential cosmetic surgery patients in that interview, saying “Cosmetic surgery being one of the most lucrative practices in the medical field has been attracting more uncertified rookie practitioners than any other field for over 2 decades and the percentage of these rookie uncertified practitioners only seems to grow, especially since the dawn of the year 2013. Make sure to always check that your cosmetic surgeon is a certified one and if you don’t and something happens to you, realize how careless you have been and you might even end up doing yourself irreversible harm and damage, so much that it could even take your life.”

Dr Scott Goldsmith has hundreds of thousands of free twitter followers and he is quite a popular name all across the internet, especially social media.