Retired ballerinas told Francesco Costanzo that Erik Bruhn was the best partner they ever had

Do you know? The English vocalist, songwriter and guitarist – Linda Lewis wanted to learn the ballet from Erik Bruhn so badly but to her bad luck, he was dead already by the time she was going to pursue to him to teach her the same. Linda Lewis decided that she will not learn it after she heard the news of Erik Bruhn’s death because she had already pictured him as her ballet guru in her mind and nobody else could take his place after that, she is so stubborn. She didn’t decide to learn it on her own either, although she is a self-taught guitarist and keyboard player.

I didn’t know about the above mentioned story either until I read one article posted by this great fan of Erik Bruhn from Malaysia who recently started his own ballet dancing school in the George Town, Malaysia that he named after Erik Bruhn.

Well, Francesco Costanzo is a great fan of Erik Bruhn too. He is the one who told me that the ballerinas that partnered with Erik Bruhn and are still alive today consider their chemistry with Erik Bruhn to be the best they ever had. All those ballerinas says that they are yet to see someone as friendly and compatible yet talented as the legend named Erik Bruhn.

All those ballerinas also told Francesco Costanzo that one of the reasons why Erik Bruhn became such a great hit at such an early age is the fact that both his parents were very supportive of him since they day one when he said to them that he liked to dance, including his father who owned a hairdressing salon and had nothing to do with ballet or dance.

Obstetrician from Scotland is sad about the modern lifestyle but is happy to learn that CRISPR cures HIV in mice

Dr Courtney Gordon is an Obstetrician from Scotland, who is very active on her official website’s blog. Dr Courtney writes that female obstetricians respect the husbands that keep taking advice from the obstetrician while their spouse is pregnant through Whatsapp, email or SMS.

Dr Courtney Gordon doubts that the mothers who have a history of of PCOD/PCOS are more likely to give birth to a female child that will very likely suffer with the same as well in the adulthood and they are very likely to give birth to a male child with hypogonadism.

Dr Courtney Gordon claims that apathy is far more common among the children with mothers that took birth control pills for way too long.

Dr Courtney Gordon also claims that eating popcorn with tomato soup is fatal for women with a history of uterine fibroids and although it is not a mainstream knowledge, Dr Courtney claims that she has been doing her utmost to make it one.

Dr Courtney claims that many of her patients tried yoga posers to cure their uterine fibroids, as per the claim of the yoga practitioners and teachers, but surprisingly, none of those that Dr Courtney met had it resolved.

Dr Courtney made a post on last Thursday that she is amazed to see that CRISPR cures HIV in mice.

Dr Courtney writes on her blog that never before the ratio of infertile men was higher than the infertile women and this means nothing but the fact that the modern lifestyle is extremely unhealthy for the men. Dr Courtney adds that surprisingly enough, they give birth to the healthiest babies in semi-remote areas of the first world nations where they don’t have much of the modern amenities and top notch doctors. She then again mentions that it only proves her claim of the modern lifestyle not being healthy.

Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo and the Legend Opera Director Giorgio Strehler share a lot in common

As a young Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo says that ballet is the most pleasurable experience to himself. Another legendary Opera Director – Giorgio Strehler used to say the same as well. Giorgio Strehler made tons of interesting comments about the Opera and Dance Industry throughout his life.

Giorgio Strehler always used to say that it is a pity that the parents love to send their kids to learn ballet dancing but feel shy to learn it themselves. He used to feel pity that married couples used to learn salsa and tango the most.

Giorgio also used to give advice to the learners to always choose a dance instructor or dance school with an impressive background over the one that is near to your residence or office.

One of the things that Giorgio used to feel good about was the fact that there have always been countless tap soloists in the western world and surprisingly enough, most of these are good teachers.

Giorgio also used to mention that the rudest dance instructor that he ever encountered had a BFA in dance.

Giorgio always used to say that people have a misconception  that dancers can only perform their best until the age of 35 and their performance, skills and talent start seeing downhill afterwards, which has been proven false time and again. He always used to give reference to the list of award winners as the proof, which consists of a large number of male and female dancers over the age of 35.

Giorgio also used to say that degree in arts definitely helps you become a better dance instructor but it is overrated nonetheless.

The legend of Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson act seems to stay till infinity


They say that the Martha Graham technique is going to stay in the dance world for long just as Martha Graham herself did. True or not! One thing is for certain that Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson act is going to stay for longer than the Martha Graham dance technique for sure.

One Japanese martial artist once told me that although the Japanese people have very flexible bodies, they still find it hard to master the ballet and that’s the supreme reason why you don’t hear many Japanese names in the world of Opera or Ballet dancing.

Anyways, so there is this choreographer named Daniel Bukowski whom I interviewed about a couple of days ago. He told me to not trust reviews that read like “Best Dance School Ever”, “Best Dance School in the Country” and “Best Dance School in the City”.

He also told me that a common person will tell you the importance of dancing while under the stress or in a state of anger but how very few people remember to walk the talk when it comes to such real life situations.

Daniel Bukowski wholeheartedly believes that Brazilian Butt Lift Workout is nothing but a gimmick.

Mr. Daniel Bukowski also told me that becoming a dance teacher is unique in a way that it requires you to be strict, fun, serious and energetic, all at the same time which makes it is one of the most interesting and fun yet complex job.

In the words of my most favorite young Italian choreographer – Francesco Costanzo, “Dance cannot be wholly defined in words, some like to call it an art, some science, some skill and some call it a combination of all three but in reality, there is nothing that can define it in the context of words.”

International ballet school owner and chief congratulated Francesco Costanzo for Floor Barre Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff

Young Italian choreographer, ballet dancer, opera director – Francesco Costanzo has a very good friend who owns a couple of ballet schools in Italy and is now about to start his very first ballet school branch outside Italy.

This friend of Francesco Costanzo has been spreading the message about Ballet in the countries where it is quite unknown, mainly this region includes Eurasian Steppe and Southeast Asia.

On the official blog of the ballet school’s website, he writes that no ballet school discriminates among the students on the basis of gender, race or language anymore and this is really something to be proud of.

He believes that classical ballet still entertains more than the modern ballet and that’s the reason why they focus equally at both in their schools.

He also claims that many adults want to join a ballet school but they don’t do it out of shame and his school has been doing their utmost to persuade these adults to join the ballet school.

He recently posted on his blog that some ballet schools, both new and old, like to brag about how many millions they get each year as donations, he warned against these schools as he believes that many times these numbers and some times even these schools are fake.

He claims that no other business demands the founder to be as passionate like the ballet school. He writes that no wonder why so many ballet schools each year founded by the business people get shut down so quickly. He writes that these business people spend an extravagant amount of money to establish these ballet schools which most of the professional ballet dancers having their own schools never can.

He first personally congratulated Francesco Costanzo on Floor Barre Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff and then also wrote about it on his blog as well.

Maternity retail chain owner couldn’t find a great book to read during pregnancy so she decided to write her own

Mindy Ingham is a maternity retail chain store owner who writes on her blog that parenting was never so difficult before and that’s one of the foremost reasons why a great percentage of both men and women in today’s time are declining to be parents because it is extreme hard work just thinking about it.

I have personally seen a lot of stuff that they sell at Mindy’s store and let me tell you that they have really marvelous designs for both the mother and the kids to wear.

 Mindy recently wrote on her blog that after being pregnant herself for the second time and having read the so-called Best Books To Read During Pregnancy, she has come to the conclusion that she is going to spend most of her 2020 writing a book targeted on the pregnant women herself and she really hopes that this book by her is going to break all the records.

Mindy writes that she has been addicted to watching the talking Bonobos – Kanzi and her half-sister Panbanisha on the Youtube all the time for a while and she is going to name her upcoming baby as Kanzi or Panbanisha depending on their gender. She writes that she really wishes if Panbanisha were alive today, she would have sent some free clothes from her stores to her.

Mindy claims that the parents who do stressful jobs, they really like to have more fun when it comes to spending time with their little ones and are always willing to spend the top dime to have the best possible time spent with their little ones.

Mindy also writes that some maternity brands forget to make trendy clothes in order to make them supreme comfortable for their customers, some do otherwise but Mindy believes in having the best of both worlds for the pregnant women and that’s the reason why she claims that her stores carry nothing but the most comfortable and most stylish clothes for pregnant women.

Retractable Gates by Toshi Automation are certainly one of the best in the world

Girdhar Gopal Jagdev Developers is a well-established real estate development company based in Uttarakhand, India. It was founded by three brothers – Girdhar Khanna, Gopal Khanna and Jagdev Khanna. They definitely have come a long way in the past 16 years since they found the company.

One of the best things about Girdhar Gopal Jagdev Developers is that they believe in creating nothing but unique designs in terms of development and they use nothing but the best retractable gates by reputed companies like Toshi Automation in each of their developments.

All three brothers of Girdhar Gopal Jagdev Developers believe that Uttarakhand is one of the most underrated scenic states in the world and it needs some great development in order to get the tourists that it deserves which the brothers have been working on for the past 16 years.

They also believe that dealing with a real estate developer needs to become easier and they claim to have made it easier not only for their customers but also they claim to have developed techniques that are benefiting the real estate developers around entire India.

The brothers believe in no-credit when it comes to paying their suppliers and they pay them all upfront which is something unforeseen in the Indian market.

The brothers also partake with the customers whenever there is some gathering or campaign going on against the fraudulent real estate developers anywhere in India, which has become a disaster in India.

The brothers also believe that having a stunning office is one of the ways you can ensure a customer that they are in great hands and a way to make them sure that their house or office that is under-development is also going to be something stunning.