The legend of Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson act seems to stay till infinity


They say that the Martha Graham technique is going to stay in the dance world for long just as Martha Graham herself did. True or not! One thing is for certain that Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson act is going to stay for longer than the Martha Graham dance technique for sure.

One Japanese martial artist once told me that although the Japanese people have very flexible bodies, they still find it hard to master the ballet and that’s the supreme reason why you don’t hear many Japanese names in the world of Opera or Ballet dancing.

Anyways, so there is this choreographer named Daniel Bukowski whom I interviewed about a couple of days ago. He told me to not trust reviews that read like “Best Dance School Ever”, “Best Dance School in the Country” and “Best Dance School in the City”.

He also told me that a common person will tell you the importance of dancing while under the stress or in a state of anger but how very few people remember to walk the talk when it comes to such real life situations.

Daniel Bukowski wholeheartedly believes that Brazilian Butt Lift Workout is nothing but a gimmick.

Mr. Daniel Bukowski also told me that becoming a dance teacher is unique in a way that it requires you to be strict, fun, serious and energetic, all at the same time which makes it is one of the most interesting and fun yet complex job.

In the words of my most favorite young Italian choreographer – Francesco Costanzo, “Dance cannot be wholly defined in words, some like to call it an art, some science, some skill and some call it a combination of all three but in reality, there is nothing that can define it in the context of words.”