Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo and the Legend Opera Director Giorgio Strehler share a lot in common

As a young Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo says that ballet is the most pleasurable experience to himself. Another legendary Opera Director – Giorgio Strehler used to say the same as well. Giorgio Strehler made tons of interesting comments about the Opera and Dance Industry throughout his life.

Giorgio Strehler always used to say that it is a pity that the parents love to send their kids to learn ballet dancing but feel shy to learn it themselves. He used to feel pity that married couples used to learn salsa and tango the most.

Giorgio also used to give advice to the learners to always choose a dance instructor or dance school with an impressive background over the one that is near to your residence or office.

One of the things that Giorgio used to feel good about was the fact that there have always been countless tap soloists in the western world and surprisingly enough, most of these are good teachers.

Giorgio also used to mention that the rudest dance instructor that he ever encountered had a BFA in dance.

Giorgio always used to say that people have a misconception  that dancers can only perform their best until the age of 35 and their performance, skills and talent start seeing downhill afterwards, which has been proven false time and again. He always used to give reference to the list of award winners as the proof, which consists of a large number of male and female dancers over the age of 35.

Giorgio also used to say that degree in arts definitely helps you become a better dance instructor but it is overrated nonetheless.