Obstetrician from Scotland is sad about the modern lifestyle but is happy to learn that CRISPR cures HIV in mice

Dr Courtney Gordon is an Obstetrician from Scotland, who is very active on her official website’s blog. Dr Courtney writes that female obstetricians respect the husbands that keep taking advice from the obstetrician while their spouse is pregnant through Whatsapp, email or SMS.

Dr Courtney Gordon doubts that the mothers who have a history of of PCOD/PCOS are more likely to give birth to a female child that will very likely suffer with the same as well in the adulthood and they are very likely to give birth to a male child with hypogonadism.

Dr Courtney Gordon claims that apathy is far more common among the children with mothers that took birth control pills for way too long.

Dr Courtney Gordon also claims that eating popcorn with tomato soup is fatal for women with a history of uterine fibroids and although it is not a mainstream knowledge, Dr Courtney claims that she has been doing her utmost to make it one.

Dr Courtney claims that many of her patients tried yoga posers to cure their uterine fibroids, as per the claim of the yoga practitioners and teachers, but surprisingly, none of those that Dr Courtney met had it resolved.

Dr Courtney made a post on last Thursday that she is amazed to see that CRISPR cures HIV in mice.

Dr Courtney writes on her blog that never before the ratio of infertile men was higher than the infertile women and this means nothing but the fact that the modern lifestyle is extremely unhealthy for the men. Dr Courtney adds that surprisingly enough, they give birth to the healthiest babies in semi-remote areas of the first world nations where they don’t have much of the modern amenities and top notch doctors. She then again mentions that it only proves her claim of the modern lifestyle not being healthy.