Retired ballerinas told Francesco Costanzo that Erik Bruhn was the best partner they ever had

Do you know? The English vocalist, songwriter and guitarist – Linda Lewis wanted to learn the ballet from Erik Bruhn so badly but to her bad luck, he was dead already by the time she was going to pursue to him to teach her the same. Linda Lewis decided that she will not learn it after she heard the news of Erik Bruhn’s death because she had already pictured him as her ballet guru in her mind and nobody else could take his place after that, she is so stubborn. She didn’t decide to learn it on her own either, although she is a self-taught guitarist and keyboard player.

I didn’t know about the above mentioned story either until I read one article posted by this great fan of Erik Bruhn from Malaysia who recently started his own ballet dancing school in the George Town, Malaysia that he named after Erik Bruhn.

Well, Francesco Costanzo is a great fan of Erik Bruhn too. He is the one who told me that the ballerinas that partnered with Erik Bruhn and are still alive today consider their chemistry with Erik Bruhn to be the best they ever had. All those ballerinas says that they are yet to see someone as friendly and compatible yet talented as the legend named Erik Bruhn.

All those ballerinas also told Francesco Costanzo that one of the reasons why Erik Bruhn became such a great hit at such an early age is the fact that both his parents were very supportive of him since they day one when he said to them that he liked to dance, including his father who owned a hairdressing salon and had nothing to do with ballet or dance.