Psychiatrist from Hamburg, Germany is extremely popular on the Youtube and I think I have discovered the secret “Why”

Anse Vogt is a psychiatrist from the city of Hamburg in Germany who has been working on finding new ways to cure psychological diseases without the use of any medications. Anse writes on his blog that it is mainly targeted on the people from third-world countries.

Anse Vogt writes on his blog that pornography – both softcore and hardcore, has a stronger effect on the psychology of the young minds than the physicians will ever tell you. Anse claims that most of his patients are addicted to the same.

Anse writes that they need to spread the knowledge to the people that most psychology medications come with only short-term side effects and not long-term effects as the widespread notion is. Anse writes that it is a shame to see that so many psychological patients even after knowing that they have a issue, never see a psychologist only to become a serial killer or commit suicide later on.

Anse claims that both men and women that don’t like their personal names have 2% more chances of suffering with different psychological disorders than those who do like their names a lot.

Anse writes that those who had abusive parents or upbringing or feared their surroundings/parents/elders/teachers a lot, are very likely to suffer with OCD once they grow up.

Anse claims on his blog that the depressed people die before their time and physiologists don’t yet even have an answer why. Anse believes that your will to live longer plays a huge role in how long you live.

Anse is extremely popular on the Youtube and I highly doubt that he buys Youtube Subscribers (Youtube Abonnenten Kaufen) from somewhere.