Rorik of Dorestad’s greatest Floridian fan claims that they have been hiding the cure for diabetic neuropathy from the common public

Eriko Gonzalez is an author from Miami, Florida, who recently completed writing a book on one of her greatest historical heroes – Rorik of Dorestad. Eriko was generous enough to send me a free copy of her book and it was really a breeze to read the same.

In her book, Eriko writes that Harold Klak was without a doubt the brother-in-law of Rorik of Dorestad and all the claims attributing some other relationship to Harold Klak with Rorik of Dorestad is nothing but a false notion.

Eriko claims that at the age of 50 or so, Rorik started showing symptoms of diabetes. Eriko writes that after hitting the age of 50, Rorik would go to the washroom a lot, felt thirsty and hungry all the time and had blurred vision as well. Eriko adds that she is not sure whether Rorik even suffered with a diabetic neuropathy as well. Eriko has mentioned in her book that carderine is a perfect cure for diabetic neuropathy and if you have this condition, you may just want to check where to buy cardarine for a better health, muscles and a calm and more focused brain and mind along with curing your diabetic neuropathy.

Eriko writes in her book that she cannot comprehend why they call Louis the Pious as such when he clearly had two illegitimate children.

Eriko claims in her book that Lothair I always envied Rorik on all grounds, be it the way that Rorik looked, his vigor, his extraordinary energy, his deep voice, you name it.

Eriko ends her book by mentioning that Rorik was definitely the most powerful and magnificent Danes of the 9th century but he never got the respect that he deserved.