This Troy, MI Ice Cream Shop has Framed Sports Memorabilia pasted all over its black walls

David Mason owns a popular ice cream parlour in Troy, Michigan, who claims to have some of the best ice creams for the diabetics at his shop.

David Mason recently made a post on his blog claiming that his shop is about to launch car designed ice creams for the car lovers. David says that they will start with all the Infiniti cars ever built because Infiniti is David’s most favorite car maker and both the cars that he own presently are also Infinitis.

David’s ice cream shop also has some video game characters based ice creams for the gamers that visit his shop.  But what attracts the visitors most to his shop is the framed sports memorabilia art and pictures. David claims to have been told this by several of his regular customers and some new ones as well.

David’s shop also serves special ice creams with graduation hats on those for the people who recently graduated. David claims on his blog that it is mostly eaten and loved by those who like to remind themselves of their graduation day’s memories including David himself.

David writes on his blog that is both a good and bad thing simultaneously that most new ice cream parlours are focusing on branding themselves more than anything else. David says that it is good because they are spending a lot of time in creating a brand which involves improving their product and service and on the other hand, they are trying too hard on it that they forget the main aim of their business.

David writes that you will seldom find an ice cream parlour that is run by 2 or 3 partners. David claims that most of the successful ice cream parlours are sole proprietorships including his own. David claims that 3 good friends of his that studied with him in the college, created an ice cream business together and only a month later, they started fighting over it, became envious of each other and many other negative things happened among them which ultimately destroyed their business.