Pet supply store owner’s brother-in-law who also happens to be her chief supplier taught her how does a smokeless barbecue works

Lisa Candreva owns a very popular pet supply store in Messina, Italy. Surprisingly enough, Lisa has no pets at home but she claims to love pets more than the most and she says that her owning and managing the pet store is proof enough when she has better opportunities to make money, she spends all her day managing this pet store of hers.

Lisa recently made a post on her blog mentioning that last year she thought of starting one of a kind exclusive pet store in Cambodia, which would have been better in every aspect that her pet store in Messina, but she changed her mind afterwards. Lisa came to a conclusion soon that nobody would be interested in buying that expensive stuff for their pets in Cambodia, they even don’t have many pets in Cambodia and they don’t spend much on themselves, what is going to make them spend enough on their pets.

Lisa claims that lithium ion causes more diseases among the pets than we will ever know. Lisa says that she is not a medical professional but she has been working hard enough to know most of those and her gut feeling says that she is going to achieve success in this.

One of Lisa’s brother-in-laws owns a company that manufactures harnesses, leads and collars. He gives great discount to her for buying his merchandise. The discount is so great that it has made Lisa’s husband suspect the relationship of Lisa with his brother, but each time it has come out to be a pure and pious relationship that is merely business.

Lisa’s brother-in-law is also the one who taught her how smokeless barbecue works (Barbecue senza fumo come funziona). Lisa has been using nothing but smokeless barbecue ever since and she loves cooking on it.