Sejong city’s controversial Physician advises the patients with nervous disorders to participate in an online gaming community to better their situation

Dr Man-sik Sakong is a General Practitioner from Sejong City, South Korea, who claims on his blog that aspartame drinkers are less likely to get chronic depression. He got called names and also an agent of the soft drinks and energy drinks manufacturer on his blog’s comments section and on other places for mentioning the same, but he couldn’t care less.

Dr Man-sik Sakong received a great deal of negative popularity again when he claimed on his blog that the people prone to mood disorders should try living in colder regions as much as possible as living in colder regions tends to have a positive effect on the people with a mood disorder. He also mentioned that people who are more likely to suffer with the mania than depression must try living in the hotter regions instead. Dr Man-sik was called pseudo-psychologist, bro-scientist and what not for it, to each of the comments he replied that they must try it first and then make such comments.

Dr Man-sik Sakong claims that inhibition targeted drugs of all sorts are examined so much but they are still under-examined and they shouldn’t be replaced altogether with the newer ones as quickly as they usually are.

Dr Man-sik Sakong claims that the Japanese people are least likely to get nervous disorders and even when they do, it is not as serious. He believes that it is because the Japanese people spend more time playing video games than they do watching television. Dr Man-sik says that because of this reason, he advises all his patients with nervous disorders to play video games in the spare time and also participate in online gaming communities like 우아미넷 , in order to know about the latest and better video games and to socialize at the same time as well.