The only Toy Stores that have some future are the ones that have their listings added on Business Directories, claims a Granada Toy Store owner

Nothing is more saddening to see than child being denied a toy because the parents cannot afford it. Luis Diaz, a toy store owner from Granada, Spain, also agrees with us and that’s the reason why he has made so many inverciones (investments) in charitable organizations that work for the welfare of kids.

Luis Diaz claims to have never kept China-made toys at his store and he is overly proud of it.

Luis used to have the Jesus and Apostle toys (Both Articulated figures and soft toys) at his store for the kids belonging to the religious families, only to find out later that the customers belonging to the religious families were mostly being offended by the same and it were the atheists that were buying it with both hands.

Luis regularly campaigns online for the kids to stay away from the carbonated drinks and caffeine, and he really spends a great deal of money doing the same. But the publicity his negocios (business) receives due to the same fetches thrice the money to him in the form of profits that he spends.

Luis writes on his blog that it is quite saddening for him to see the miniature toy companies getting bankrupt one after another. He further claims that the ones that have been able to survive are the ones that regularly add their business listing to the business directories (directorios de empresas) and are mostly dependent upon the exports to the countries where the people aren’t so well-off.

Luis has mentioned more than once on his blog about the misconception that many people have and that is that the kids who have pets at home don’t buy much toys, which Luis claims has nothing to do with the reality.