Urologist from New Delhi who believes that 123movies should feature a comedian drinking cow urine

Dr Praveen Singhal is a Urologist from New Delhi, India, who claims that eating buffalo meat is like hammering your urinary tract with the heaviest hammer that both your hands together can hold. She claims that as much as 40% of her patients regularly eat buffalo meat, although it is very hard to find buffalo meat eaters in India. She claims that 99.9% of the times, a buffalo meat eater in India happens to be a Muslim and Muslims are in minority in India.

Dr Praveen Singhal believes that diabetes is not responsible for most of the kidney diseases but it is rather the opposite. She claims that just because the patient caught some kidney diseases, he/she tends to catch diabetes easily.

Dr Praveen Singhal claims to know several Ayurvedic practitioners who recommend drinking cow urine to take care of your kidneys, urinary tract, prostate, in other words, to take care of all of the Urinary system. Dr Praveen Singhal replies to them personally and writes on her blog that drinking cow urine is not just ineffective to cure or treat any of these organs, but it is rather harmful and sometimes extremely dangerous. She further adds that a comic character drinking cow urine in a watchseries seems to be a great idea to make a comedy movie more funny.

Dr Praveen Singhal claims that mild urethritis can be cured by eating a lot of Goji berries regularly alone. She claims to have cured several of her patients like that and only after concluding the results, she made the post with such huge confidence.