Top Dentist from Tarrytown has been using Wigs for the past 24 years now

Dr Daymond Cole is a Dentist from Tarrytown, New York, who claims that those who tame hamsters are very prone to suffering with tooth decay. He adds that it is a pity that the dental unions don’t seem to be much concerned about it as they ought to be.

Dr Daymond Cole also claims that the people with sharper teeth are also more likely to suffer with dental issues, mainly the bad breath. He adds that he himself has very sharp teeth and he faces the same issue of bad breath and he is looking for a foolproof side-effect free way to eradicate this issue, not only for himself, but for everyone that has the same issue.

Dr Daymond Cole claims to have done an extensive research on the dental health of the men and women belonging to different nations of the world and he has come to the conclusion that the North Korean adults in general have the worst dental health, but the dentists, the government, and other authorities of North Korea don’t seem much concerned about it.

Dr Daymond Cole is 56 now and he lost more than half of his hair when he was 32. He has been using a wig ever since to hide his bald head, but he was never as happy with the quality of the wigs that he uses until he started using the wigs from He is extremely happy with the level of comfort that the wigs from provide and how real they look.

Dr Daymond Cole claims to have seen Roger Taylor and John Taylor of the infamous English Band – Duran Duran in the March of year 2008. He says that they both suffer with a unique dental disease, which is never heard of or seen before. He says that the dentists don’t even have a name for it.