Allergist from McAllen, Texas, prioritized the advice of online Wedding Experts over those of her Event Manager Relatives

Dr Debra Sopp is an Allergist from McAllen, Texas, who prides herself on  the fact that unlike most other allergists, the first thing that she does is to tell the patients the cause of the allergy that they suffer with.

Dr Debra Sopp claims on her blog that the people belonging to the warrior tribes of the past, be it from the America, India or Japan, are 230% more likely to suffer with common allergies than the men and women belonging to the non-warrior tribes.

Dr Debra Sopp claims that the latex allergies are the most common among the Jewish people, no matter which part of the world they live in. But that has not been enough for Debra to refrain from marrying her high school sweetheart, who has 100% Jewish blood in him. Although they both knew each other for over 2 decades and they both have several wedding experts at home, they preferred to take their wedding advice online.

Dr Debra Sopp writes on her blog that studying Geobiology as a hobby couldn’t help her practice much. She believes that there aren’t many good books on the subject of Geobiology. She claims that they have been teaching the same old school Geobiology as they would about 2 decades ago which is a real pity as the field of Geobiology has come too far in the past 2 decades. She is glad about the field of Geobiology coming so far though.

Dr Debra Sopp claims that the onion is a very underrated remedy available at home to prevent the growth of different sorts of allergies. She claims that those who regularly eat onions are 80-85% less likely to get different sorts of allergies, especially the common ones.