The only Toy Stores that have some future are the ones that have their listings added on Business Directories, claims a Granada Toy Store owner

Nothing is more saddening to see than child being denied a toy because the parents cannot afford it. Luis Diaz, a toy store owner from Granada, Spain, also agrees with us and that’s the reason why he has made so many inverciones (investments) in charitable organizations that work for the welfare of kids.

Luis Diaz claims to have never kept China-made toys at his store and he is overly proud of it.

Luis used to have the Jesus and Apostle toys (Both Articulated figures and soft toys) at his store for the kids belonging to the religious families, only to find out later that the customers belonging to the religious families were mostly being offended by the same and it were the atheists that were buying it with both hands.

Luis regularly campaigns online for the kids to stay away from the carbonated drinks and caffeine, and he really spends a great deal of money doing the same. But the publicity his negocios (business) receives due to the same fetches thrice the money to him in the form of profits that he spends.

Luis writes on his blog that it is quite saddening for him to see the miniature toy companies getting bankrupt one after another. He further claims that the ones that have been able to survive are the ones that regularly add their business listing to the business directories (directorios de empresas) and are mostly dependent upon the exports to the countries where the people aren’t so well-off.

Luis has mentioned more than once on his blog about the misconception that many people have and that is that the kids who have pets at home don’t buy much toys, which Luis claims has nothing to do with the reality.

Antwerp Ophthalmologist got the idea to start accepting cryptocurrency while traveling in an Airport taxi

Dr Patricia Jackson is an Ophthalmologist from Antwerp, Belgium, who claims on her blog that attaining specialty in Neuro-Ophthalmology is the simplest thing to attain once you get the hold of it. She likes to give the example of herself to prove her claim.

Dr Patricia warns against the Opthalmologists that spend a whole lot of their time in getting websites created and optimized for themselves, especially the ones who claim to be specialist for one thing on one website and for another thing on another website. She gives example of this Opthalmologist from Florida, USA, who claims to be the finest squint-eye specialist in Florida on one website, finest Neuro-Opthalmologist on another, finest LASIK surgeon on his third website and finest cataract surgery specialist on his fourth website.

Dr Patricia Jackson believes that diabetes is a lot more than just diabetes. She claims to have been working on finding the cure for the same.

Dr Patricia is one of the very few Opthalmologists around the world that accepts cryptocurrency. She says that she got the idea while once she was traveling through taxi antwerpen and thought to herself about how far the modern taxis have come and she should also do something to advance her practice as well.

Dr Patricia offers a refund without any questions asked if you aren’t happy with the LASIK treatment conducted by herself.

Dr Patricia recently made a post on her blog claiming that the ancient Babylonians and Persians had some ophthalmology related cures that modern western medical science doesn’t have.

Dr Patricia writes on her blog that she has always believed that the right diagnosis is the most crucial thing in any medical field, especially opthalmology.

Psychiatrist from Hamburg, Germany is extremely popular on the Youtube and I think I have discovered the secret “Why”

Anse Vogt is a psychiatrist from the city of Hamburg in Germany who has been working on finding new ways to cure psychological diseases without the use of any medications. Anse writes on his blog that it is mainly targeted on the people from third-world countries.

Anse Vogt writes on his blog that pornography – both softcore and hardcore, has a stronger effect on the psychology of the young minds than the physicians will ever tell you. Anse claims that most of his patients are addicted to the same.

Anse writes that they need to spread the knowledge to the people that most psychology medications come with only short-term side effects and not long-term effects as the widespread notion is. Anse writes that it is a shame to see that so many psychological patients even after knowing that they have a issue, never see a psychologist only to become a serial killer or commit suicide later on.

Anse claims that both men and women that don’t like their personal names have 2% more chances of suffering with different psychological disorders than those who do like their names a lot.

Anse writes that those who had abusive parents or upbringing or feared their surroundings/parents/elders/teachers a lot, are very likely to suffer with OCD once they grow up.

Anse claims on his blog that the depressed people die before their time and physiologists don’t yet even have an answer why. Anse believes that your will to live longer plays a huge role in how long you live.

Anse is extremely popular on the Youtube and I highly doubt that he buys Youtube Subscribers (Youtube Abonnenten Kaufen) from somewhere.

Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo and the Legend Opera Director Giorgio Strehler share a lot in common

As a young Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo says that ballet is the most pleasurable experience to himself. Another legendary Opera Director – Giorgio Strehler used to say the same as well. Giorgio Strehler made tons of interesting comments about the Opera and Dance Industry throughout his life.

Giorgio Strehler always used to say that it is a pity that the parents love to send their kids to learn ballet dancing but feel shy to learn it themselves. He used to feel pity that married couples used to learn salsa and tango the most.

Giorgio also used to give advice to the learners to always choose a dance instructor or dance school with an impressive background over the one that is near to your residence or office.

One of the things that Giorgio used to feel good about was the fact that there have always been countless tap soloists in the western world and surprisingly enough, most of these are good teachers.

Giorgio also used to mention that the rudest dance instructor that he ever encountered had a BFA in dance.

Giorgio always used to say that people have a misconception  that dancers can only perform their best until the age of 35 and their performance, skills and talent start seeing downhill afterwards, which has been proven false time and again. He always used to give reference to the list of award winners as the proof, which consists of a large number of male and female dancers over the age of 35.

Giorgio also used to say that degree in arts definitely helps you become a better dance instructor but it is overrated nonetheless.

International ballet school owner and chief congratulated Francesco Costanzo for Floor Barre Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff

Young Italian choreographer, ballet dancer, opera director – Francesco Costanzo has a very good friend who owns a couple of ballet schools in Italy and is now about to start his very first ballet school branch outside Italy.

This friend of Francesco Costanzo has been spreading the message about Ballet in the countries where it is quite unknown, mainly this region includes Eurasian Steppe and Southeast Asia.

On the official blog of the ballet school’s website, he writes that no ballet school discriminates among the students on the basis of gender, race or language anymore and this is really something to be proud of.

He believes that classical ballet still entertains more than the modern ballet and that’s the reason why they focus equally at both in their schools.

He also claims that many adults want to join a ballet school but they don’t do it out of shame and his school has been doing their utmost to persuade these adults to join the ballet school.

He recently posted on his blog that some ballet schools, both new and old, like to brag about how many millions they get each year as donations, he warned against these schools as he believes that many times these numbers and some times even these schools are fake.

He claims that no other business demands the founder to be as passionate like the ballet school. He writes that no wonder why so many ballet schools each year founded by the business people get shut down so quickly. He writes that these business people spend an extravagant amount of money to establish these ballet schools which most of the professional ballet dancers having their own schools never can.

He first personally congratulated Francesco Costanzo on Floor Barre Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff and then also wrote about it on his blog as well.

Abigaile is working on creating the healthiest and tastiest soft drink ever and she has already recruited experts through local Czech job portal to make this dream of her come true

Abigaile Saint is a proud owner of a small soft drink company that she inherited after the death of her grandfather. Abigaile’s soft drinks are the most sold after Kofola in the entire nation but Abigaile has something else in mind. Abigaile wants to make her soft drinks not the most sold in Czech Republic or the neighboring countries but she instead wants to turn her soft drinks company into something that surpasses the Pepsi and Coca-Cola in terms of sales numbers and no matter how much they tell her that it is an impossible task, she is not willing to take the discouragement.

Abigaile has also recruited some experts that can make the healthiest possible soft drinks giving them an unparalleled taste through posting ads on local Czech job portals (inzerce práce). Abigaile claims that they are already seeing success in what they are trying to achieve and soon enough the team will come up with a secret formula that will bankrupt each and every soft drink company.

Abigaile never worked at any other company and she has no prior experience of running a big company but she is confident enough that she is going to manage it smoothly enough.

All of Abigaile’s cousins are envious of her as they inherited a very little from their grandfather. Abigaile was her grandfather’s most favorite grandchild and that’s the reason why he transferred more than 50% of his wealth to this one grandchild of his alone.

Abigaile loves to ride horses and she owns 3 Kladruber horses whom she features on each and every video or photo advertising for her soft drink. She says that her upcoming soft drink is going to be healthy enough for the horses as well.

Once a successful actress now an unemployed mother of 3 kids is happy the way she is

Queen Benoit (name changed) spent her past 8 years in an effort to make her ex-husband happy. She sacrificed her acting career for her ex-husband because he didn’t like her to get intimate with other men or act like their wives or girlfriends in the movies, Queen didn’t even give it a second thought and left her flourishing acting career without giving it a second thought. It has been 8 years since she left that career and her husband never appreciated her for that, Queen now has 3 kids with her ex-husband whom she divorced 3 months ago.

Queen’s ex-husband is without a doubt one of the most successful table tennis players in the history of Greece and they call him the prophet of table tennis in Greece. Queen’s little kids are proud of their dad and although they live with their mom only, they miss their father nonetheless but their father seldom comes to meet his kids. Queen does her best to make the kids never miss their father, she watches children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ), plays video games, table tennis, ludo, chess and other games to keep them entertained which works quite well most of the times.

Queen has come to the conclusion that single life is the best life. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her kids or has a strong liking for them but she rather wishes that she hadn’t wasted her acting career and wasted her 8 years on that ungrateful man aka her ex-husband. Queen says that it would have been better if she had her kids through the way of surrogacy rather than having them naturally. She says that way she could have married an impotent and showcase him as the father of her kids and her kids wouldn’t have missed their father either. Queen is a very future-oriented person and not a regret one, she just lets go whatever happened to her or her life and looks at the future.

Hair Transplant Age Limit

Veronica Smith (name changed) says morality as defined per the different religions is outdated and it is not possible to follow those moral instructions and live a sane life in today’s world. Veronica was born in a catholic family and catholics are against things like hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries. Veronica’s catholic family couldn’t stop her from getting a hair transplant, she got it anyhow as she is already 21 and there is no hair transplant age limit.

Veronica enjoyed a trip to Cumalıkızık village after getting the hair transplant done because she had seen the village on the internet before several times and it always looked to her something like just out of the bible. She says that this very village can be the real garden of Eden, it is so beautiful and you can still smell the exotic sin of Adam and Eve there.

Veronica says that the original sin was nothing but the Adam and Eve having sexual intercourse.

Veronica claims that the ancient humans were much larger than their modern counterparts in size, she doesn’t care about what the scientists or anthropologists claim about the same.

Veronica keeps thinking about becoming the president of her country all the time and I hope that she really becomes one.

Veronica claims that the country of Switzerland will be invaded soon enough as their military is too weak to defend such a rich country. Veronica hopes that it really gets invaded as she hates people with Swiss bank accounts; she really envies the people with Swiss bank accounts but if you ask her “Why do you envy them?” She will tell you that she doesn’t envy them, she doesn’t like people with black money, “I don’t envy Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Warren Buffet”, she said to me.

Richie Rich Serbian anti-feminist lady keeps her QIWI wallet full

Ludmila Cankov (name changed) gets up everyday at 5 AM sharp. Being a female herself, Ludmila is against the feminist movement claiming that women are already extremely pampered around the world except in Islamic countries. Ludmila says that women are very cunning and they know how to manipulate men and the governments. Every man that Ludmila knows is miserable due because of his girlfriend or wife, the men are all slaves to women according to Ludmila.

Ludmila’s husband Maric wears nothing but hand-stitched suits. He is a handsome richie who loves to dress sharp. He drives top-notch cars including a Porsche Cayenne, a Maserati Levante, a Volvo XC90 and a BMW X6.

Maric owns a popular restaurant on the top floor of one of the most prominent shopping malls of the Belgrade city. He noticed a stunning beauty that worked at a spa on the ground floor of the same mall and fell in love with her. Maric started following her and got to know about her better by availing massage services once a week at the same spa. She is 12 years younger to Maric and she shows a great interest in Maric because he is rich but Maric has been misunderstanding for true love.

Ludmila doesn’t have an idea about what is going on between Maric and a full-time masseuse but somehow she knows for certain something wrong is going on. Anyways, Ludmila is a bitcoin trading genius and she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per month trading bitcoins. She also uses QIWI wallet and often converts her QIWI wallet money to bitcoins (киви на биткоин) using top-notch and trustworthy websites like Obmen24.

Bosnian family living in Turkey is more happy than ever before

Abid Nevesinjac (name changed) is a friendly, open-minded, clean and classy gentleman originally from the Bosnian and Herzegovina’s popular city called Mostar. Abid’s whole family left Bosnia and Herzegovina for Turkey in 1991 to save themselves from the impact of the so-called Bosnian war of Independence.

The war indeed had a lot of negative impact on the local population which the Bosnian government and the media buried under the carpets. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina depicts itself as the victor of the Bosnian War but they never tell you how many lives they lost during that war.

So many Bosnian women had to become prostitutes in order to provide their families with food, clothing and shelter. Hundreds if not thousands of men turned into escort for illegal money of Bosnian politicians.

In short, the Bosnian government and some fanatics changed the old set of problems for a new one. The new problems are much worse than the older ones.

So many Bosnian youngsters are still burning in the desire to take care of some unfinished emotional business. Instead of thinking about how to make money with under-utilized resources of the country, these youngsters think about taking revenge all the time. You would not want a dog to act like a cat and a cat to act like a dog. This is what has happened to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Bosnian war.

Anyways, Abid Nevesinjac and his family are very happy with their lives in Turkey. Recently, Abid’s dad got a hair transplant done by Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu in Istanbul and he was too worried about the hair transplant density before getting it done. All his worried disappeared once he had a look of himself in the mirror after recovering.

Husband and Wife use China Made Nano Brewery Equipment in their Irish Pub

Emma started her career as a management consultant. Emma is an M.Phil in Biological Science and her husband runs a very popular online grocery website that works only in the beautiful city of Ohrid, Macedonia.

Emma helped her husband a lot when he was starting out in his online business. She made her contacts, she helped him in transportation and many other things.

Both Emma and her husband (Ramon) are hardcore libertarians. They donate to several libertarian Youtubers and websites to spread their message and for a shoutout. They both are also big fans of the industrial revolution and the capitalism.

Emma only respects high achievers or kids and thinks of normies as garbage while Ramon respects both low and high income groups.

Emma’s father used to be a driver when she was a kid. They used to be a very low income family. Emma’s whole family consider Emma lucky for it because their lives changed after she was born. The whole family turned from rags to riches.

Emma used to be a wannabe rapper in the teenage. She recalls how stupid her verses and rhymes used to be.

After Emma and Ramon were married for 2 years, they decided to open an Irish pub in their own city. Emma was in the favor of having her own Nano Brewery Equipment in the pub. Emma researched thoroughly where to buy one from and finally selected Yolong Brewery based in Ningbo city, China.

Ramon joked about buying it from the France because Emma is a great lover of everything French. French clothing, French food, French wine, French revolution, you name it.

Both Emma and Ramon are very flexible human beings and they love animals too. They have several pets including a Sarplaninac dog, several hamsters, a few gerbils, a chinchilla, and a rodent.